Jun 09

Well, This Rusted Quickly

I’ve very much neglected this blog of late, which is rather sad.

Let’s start with some news. A couple months ago, I joined Rize Up Gaming, an organization dedicated to fighting racism/sexism/bullying within gaming communities, especially within MOBA communities. They also put on monthly charity marathons, which is mainly where I come in, as I’ve quickly gained a reputation as “the guy who plays the odd games” at these marathons (Ignoring the fact that I don’t particularly consider Super Meat Boy odd, since it sold about a bajillion copies, this mainly came about due to my being one of the few streamers with the organization whose focus is single-player console games. Understandably, given the group’s mission, there tends to be a lot of online multiplayer games–League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients 2, World of Warcraft, etc.–on the main Rize Up stream). Regardless, I’m okay with that. I now stream on the Rizeup stream on Wednesdays from 8-11PM EST, and I’m currently working my way through 106%ing Super Meat Boy (For the second time) on those days.

In other news, work on Sylvia’s Excellent Time Usurping Pugilists continues. I somehow haven’t totally abandoned the idea, though it has taken a backseat somewhat as Connecticon draws ever nearer. This has been my first year as a co-director of the electronic gaming department, and suffice to say it’s been quite the learning experience. I’m confident we’ll be able to put on a fun experience in our game room though, between the consoles, the arcade machines, and the tournaments. The rest of the convention should be a lot of fun too, of course, though I’ll be too busy in my little corner to experience most of that.

As for S.E.T.U.P, I have three out of five levels mostly complete, and I’m working on the fourth, which features a bee enemy. It will also feature the first human sprite I’ve done from scratch, as opposed to just modifying an existing sprite. Suffice to say that it looks very different from the rest of the graphics in the game, which isn’t entirely a bad thing.

I’ve also been trying to go to the gym, although I’ve admittedly failed that task of late. I want to lose some weight and maybe add some muscle as well. When I’m “On”, I go 3-4 times a week, doing cardio work, and then any two of upper body/lower body/circuit training. I’ve lost weight before, and I can do it again–it’s just a matter of sticking with the routine, and maybe getting to bed earlier so I can actually wake up at 6 on the days I do want to go to the gym before work.

So I’ve been busy. Hopefully I’ll update this a bit more frequently in the weeks to come.



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