Introducing the Suffering Saturday Streams!

In the last month or so, I’ve tried to come up with an actual schedule for my stream. To that end, I stream 4 days a week when I can, for anywhere from 3 to 6 hours a day. Yesterday, I tried (And failed) to beat Blaster Master on stream. Despite that the Wall2 controls of Blaster Master made me want to throw my NES out the window, I had fun with it, and it gave me the idea to make something like that a weekly thing.

To that end, I’d like to announce Suffering Saturdays. This will be a weekly event in which I try to beat a game from my childhood (Or just a super-tough game in general) that I never beat before, whether because it defeated me as a child, or because I just never got around to playing it seriously. I figure people enjoy watching streamers suffer through games, and this will represent a chance for people to laugh at my misery (And for me to possibly add a few games to the Games I Beat In 2014 series).

But how will the games for this series be chosen? That’s where you come in. Every week, I’ll present a mini-list of three games, and you vote for the game that you want to see. The game with the most votes will win; if by some miracle I manage to beat the game quickly enough, I’ll then start the game with the second-most votes on the list, and so on. Each week will be a new poll, with at least one new game.

For this first poll, I’m putting in two “GnG” games, the series that’s known for its hero parading around in underpants after taking a single hit (And crumbling into a pile of bones on a second hit). If you so choose, you can also grant me a rematch with Blaster Master, which is difficult mainly due to its length and limited continues (And, oh yeah, the stupid Wall2 controls) combined with its lack of a save system.

So! Choose my fate! Which game should I play?

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