Vote on the 9/6 Suffering Saturday!

While it took about 3 hours, I did manage to beat Blaster Master yesterday. I didn’t manage to make it through Snake, Rattle ‘N Roll, but that’s okay. That, along with 3-D Worldrunner (Read about both of these in the previous poll post), will re-enter the voting pool. Joining them is a new challenger. Those of you who remember the dominance of Homestar Runner in the early 2000s will recognize one of the tunes from this game as being the basis for the Japanese Cartoon theme song. That’s right, rolling in from Square’s pre-Final Fantasy days, it’s RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD RACERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Which of these three stupidly hard games should I play on Saturday the 6th? You decide!


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