Vote for the Second 10/4 Suffering Saturday Game!

I’m continuing to work my way through Ecco the Dolphin. No, after 12 hours of play, I still haven’t beaten it, but I have made it to the infamous Welcome to the Machine level. I even managed to complete it a few times, but I sadly died on the final boss, which meant I got re-welcomed to the machine. All five minutes of it. Each time.

Since I hopefully will break through and beat the boss one of these times next Saturday, I’ve started a poll for what the next game after that should be. Traditionally, I’ve just started the second-place game, but we’re doing something different this time. This time, to make up for the lack of poll this past week, you get to pick which game I’ll be kicking off upon the completion of Ecco. And for the first time, you have four games to choose from!

Joining Rad Racer and Cosmo Tank this time are two newcomers. Vectorman for the Genesis is a game I don’t know much about other than A. It’s hard, and B. There was a contest upon its release where you could win $25000 for, I think, being the first person to beat it. Kid Icarus for the NES is “The not-that-good game created on the Metroid engine”. It’s also hard. It has multiple endings, but what you have to do to actually get them is pretty arcane, and involves at least one “score” the game keeps track of that you can’t see.

Choose my 10/4 fate!

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