Vote on the 11/1 Suffering Saturday!

Having successfully defeated The Legend of the Mystical Ninja (Yes, that first “the” is actually in the title), it’s time to resurrect the poll for this upcoming edition of Suffering Saturday. We have an all-NES edition this time, as joining poll mainstay Rad Racer are three new entrants:

Gradius is one of the original “Shmups”, and is also noteworthy for “Gradius Syndrome”, which amounts to “The game gives you lives, but no one is quite sure why, since you’ll use them all after your first death thanks to being incredibly underpowered.”

Ironsword: Wizards and Warriors II is the sequel to a pre-Battletoads Rare game. The music is great, and…not much else about it is that great, honestly. I’ve gotten to the final boss in the past, but could never seal the deal and beat it.

Iron Tank is by SNK, and you take control of a, well, Iron Tank during D-Day. I never got that far into this as a kid.

In any event, choose my fate!

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