The 2500 Twitch Follower Special Poll

So yesterday, I reached 2500 Twitch followers. This is a pretty big milestone for me, as it’s probably the first set of 500 followers I managed to get without cheap follows on a team page, or as a result of being featured in a Games Done Quick marathon. As such, that means it’s special time!

First of all, the special will be a weekend-long event. The special will take place on the weekend of December 6th and 7th. The content on December 6th will be determined by a poll later on in this post. The Sunday portion of it will be a donation stream. You can click here to donate, and any $6 or more donation means I will play a game of your choice (Within reason) for a half hour. Any $10 or more donation, and I’ll play it for an hour. If I somehow get enough donations, I’ll go through the backlog on later streams.

A note about the donations: It will take roughly $1200 for Mrs. Emptyeye and I to get to AGDQ. If I fail to raise that much, I’ll use the money for paying other bills (Mortgage, etc).

For now, though, vote on what I do for that Saturday!

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  1. Hey there! Gongratz on the 2500 Twitch followers!

    You might want to check out StreamPoll.TV.

    It is a Streamers tool. A dream for streamers to allow only followers or subs to vote on a poll. We use the Twitch API to find out who can vote and who can not.

    Good luck!

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