Ace of Space

So about a month ago, Radioactive Rat, a streamer who, among other things, runs the SNES game Space Ace on a pretty snazzy cart, was doing a 12-hour stream. Thinking myself clever, I told her that, according to Motörhead, “For a 12-hour stream, the only game you need is the Ace of Space.”

I then wondered if I could expand this goofy parody of a couple lyrics out to the entire song “Ace of Spades”. The below is a minor revision of what I came up with and sent to Radioactive Rat.

If you like good SNES games
You’ve gotta watch the Rat
Running, jumping
Shooting cosmic things
It’s fun to watch her play
Retro stuff all night and day
For a twelve hour stream
The only game she needs
is the Ace of Space
The Ace of Space

Jumping for the high ground
Dodging all the lasers
Going with the scroll
The skill amazes me
Flying through the maze
Disorienting speed
Maze hub takes all your lives
Great old-school game design
The Ace of Space
The Ace of Space

If you play it you lose
Like many other fools
And that’s how Don Bluth likes it baby
All that you’ll see is Game Over
But at least then you can practice!

Grunting as he jumps down
Dies with a “Whoa, far out!”
It makes you weep
‘Cause you moved wrong again
The game stops in your eyes
Then you energize
Though Dexter is a dork
He’ll transform and beat Borf
The Ace of Space
The Ace of Space

I have some ideas for other speedrun/Twitch-related parodies too. Who knows if anything will ever come of them, though.


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