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Emptyeye.com is the personal website of Emptyeye (Given name Marc J. Dziezynski). The site serves as his personal “blog”, but its primary focus will be his music, which has its own section in the sidebar on the right of the site. You can also read about the man behind the computer, check out some of his favorite online hangouts, or if you have some spare cash, advertise on the site via Project Wonderful.

The image at the top of the site is a nice summary of who Emptyeye is. Its background, from left to right: A screenshot from his speedrun of the NES game Rygar; the Emptyeye logo; a results screen from In the Groove (PC Version). Overlaid on these is a picture of his primary instrument, an Ibanez SR-406 6-string bass, nicknamed NEFARIOUS JUGGERNAUT.

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