I am many things. Information Technology worker for a bank. Former Speedrunner of video games (A Google-provided list of my runs is here). Reviewer. One-time Game Designer

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Dec 02

Emptyeye.com- Week 7

This past week saw the end of November, which gave me an opportunity to compare how my stats looked for October vs. November. There seems to be some growth in terms of downloads, but November vs. December will be a more apt comparison–remember that I didn’t get the site up and running until mid-October. It …

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Dec 01

Dear Mrs. NotYourOriginalLastName

This was something that I got to wondering about going over my MySpace page and looking over my friends list. I’ve talked elsewhere about the fact that it seems like everyone I knew in high school in college is moving out/getting married/etc. and I’m…well, not, at the moment. That’s fine, as I honestly think the …

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Nov 27

Random Thoughts on a Tuesday

Yeah. It’s amusing how real life can sometimes serve as an inspiration for creative endeavors. Long story short, a case of mistaken identity on MySpace (Hi Meg, if you’re reading this!) caused me to think about the alternative–what if I had actually found the person I thought I was looking for? Basically, it would have …

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Nov 25

Emptyeye.com- Week 6

This week at emptyeye.com, I actually wrote something that wasn’t about music or a weekly update. Incredible, no? Other than that, not a whole lot happened site-wise. I do eventually want to make the site more well-known, but not until I somehow fix the issue I have with IE (Long story short: The sidebar displays …

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Nov 20

Book Review: The Secret

(NOTE: I provide the Amazon links in this post so you have a starting point to learn more about the linked books, not because I necessarily recommend that you read them. Indeed, I highly recommend staying far, far away from The Magic of Dialogue.) Those of you who know me will no doubt wonder why …

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Nov 18

Emptyeye.com- Week 5

This week saw the release of another new song, “On a Cloudy Monday“. It also saw the site go down for a day thanks to some Lunarpages nonsense with the server the site is located on. So that was…interesting, to say the least. I haven’t really gotten much feedback on the song (Remember, leave comments …

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Nov 15

Well, THAT Was Interesting…

I attempted to upgrade WordPress, which you may know as “What emptyeye.com essentially runs on”, to the current-as-of-this-writing version, 2.3.1. What did I learn from this process? ALWAYS back up relevant files before attempting upgrades. Luckily, I did this a few days before the upgrade; otherwise, the results could have been even more catastrophic than …

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Nov 15

New Song- “On A Cloudy Monday”

So I recorded another new song, as you can tell by the title of this post. The song is called “On a Cloudy Monday“, and it’s not exactly the happiest thing I ever wrote. Indeed, were I some hoity-toity critic type, I would say something like “In stark contrast to the silliness of my previous …

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Nov 15

Emptyeye.com- Week 4

Okay, so last week saw the release of the “Slap It Down” mix of “Arrowsmash”. I decided that my free releases are going to be titled “Slap It Down” mixes, in reference to the fact that I’m really just trying to get the idea out there for consumption and feedback. Reaction to the song itself …

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Nov 06

On the Failure of Diets

Okay, first some qualifiers: As I type this, I am eating leftover buffalo chicken pizza. Such decidedly unhealthy foods are the rule rather than the exception in my food choices, leading some to believe that I am blessed with an ultra-fast metabolism (If there are a small amount of goodies left at work, say a …

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