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Jun 27

Status Update

Believe it or not, I haven’t totally forgotten about the site. I recently read through Build a Program Now: Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition. In terms of doing what the title advertises, I suppose it’s a success–you do, in fact, build several programs, including a simple web browser, a database-using program, and a Weatherbug-esque …

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Mar 01

A Quick Update

For those of you who actually live near me, Fables Comics has a deal for the month of March where you get 25% off of collections/trades. I found this out randomly yesterday after buying Batman in the Seventies and the owner was nice enough to give me the deal anyway. Pretty cool. Oh, and did …

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Apr 27 Week 28- Speedruns and Albums

This week at, I returned from my self-imposed exile. Hooray! Since then, I’ve been slowly progressing on the album, doing a bit each day to bring it closer to release. I’d like to continue doing that until it’s finally out. Sometimes it’s significant progress, sometimes it isn’t, but every day it’s at least something. …

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Feb 28

Book Review: Lifting Shadows: The Authorized Biography of Dream Theater

Awhile back, I announced that I had acquired a copy of Lifting Shadows: The Authorized Biography of Dream Theater by Rich Wilson and intended to review it, though I suspected it would be useless from a functional standpoint. Having actually read the book, I stand by this statement–if you’re a hardcore Dream Theater fan, you …

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Feb 17 Week 18- Songs and Dreams

This past week, I actually did stuff. Besides what I detailed below, this weekend I did some recording for a song, and actually finished the rough version of it that will go up probably tomorrow. It’s amazing, I’m actually capable of writing short songs. Who would’ve thought? Last night I had a dream which had …

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Feb 10 Week 17

This week…well, let’s see. Stuff actually happened. The dance gaming front was covered nicely by the thumbnails above, any of which you can click on to see the full picture. From left to right: 7 Greats on Colors (Heavy) in the arcade, a AAA on Un Deux Trois on DDR Extreme 2 for PS2, and …

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Dec 23 Week 10

This week in, once again, not much happened. Indeed, I would expect updates to be rather sporadic for the next two weeks as I prepare for MAGFest, which is now in less than two weeks. I’ve been hard at work on the challenges, and can get at least one point on pretty much all …

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Dec 08

Comic “Trade” Review- The Batman Chronicles Volume 3

Before I begin, I should point out that I’m not really a big comic book reader. I don’t say this to try and convince you that I’m not some sort of geek in a “I would never read those things!” fashion–really, my main method of exercise is a game where I thi arrows with my …

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Nov 20

Book Review: The Secret

(NOTE: I provide the Amazon links in this post so you have a starting point to learn more about the linked books, not because I necessarily recommend that you read them. Indeed, I highly recommend staying far, far away from The Magic of Dialogue.) Those of you who know me will no doubt wonder why …

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Oct 27

Book Review (!?)- The Beatles: The Biography(?!?!)

Generally speaking, I’m a sucker for band biographies. Oftentimes, reading them opens the door to a world that rivals anything you’d find in the classic movie This Is Spinal Tap (Indeed, I have heard more than once that as a musician or band gains experience with their chosen career, “…Spinal Tap” becomes less and less …

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