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Jul 14

Connecticon 2010- The Inmates Run the Asylum

Well, Connecticon 2010 was certainly my most…eventful convention to date. A quick warning: This is absolutely huge even by my “Massive post-Convention Post” standards, weighing in at over 5000 words according to WordPress…before this disclaimer. So, in addition to the traditional “Cut”, I put in some links so you can skip directly to the day …

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Aug 04

Connecticon 2009: Mission Accomplished

And I’m not quite sure how I managed to pull it off. (WARNING: The word is over-used, but this is seriously an epic-length [About 3900 words according to WordPress] post. It’s behind the cut here so you won’t have to scroll through it all to read the older stuff)

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Mar 25

More Rock Bandy Goodness.

Those of you who follow this blog know that I tend to go through “phases” when it comes to hobbies and the like. Some I actually make decent progress on before hitting a brick wall (The music page); some are more fleeting in nature (Hey, what’s up card game idea?). Currently, it’s working on Rock …

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Mar 17

I’m a Rock Band Wizard…Or Something

Yep. Mainly due to this: Basically, it’s a 100% of The Who’s “Pinball Wizard” in Rock Band 2 on Expert Vocals. It’s not a particularly long song, but it has some of the more notoriously difficult phrases in the game in the “Sure plays a mean pinball”s. I never had any major trouble with those …

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Dec 09

Have Some Random Tuesday Thoughts!

Hooray! My quest to earn myself a shiny platinum vocal icon for Rock Band 2 was a success. My final score was 414 out of 420 stars, which, while obviously not perfect, is pretty darn good. As a bonus, I earned the Bladder of Steel award for not failing or pausing throughout, even if I …

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Dec 03

They’re the Final Countdowns!

First up is the fact that MAGFest is under a month away. THis will be my fourth time going, and the second time with the Challenges Booth. Truth be told, though, I haven’t been doing a lot of practicing for it, at least lately. That’s because I’ve been playing various Rock Band 2 in preparation …

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Nov 30

Funny Censorship is Funny

Rock Band 2 has a lot of songs. One of those songs is “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette, her rather bitter, sarcastic ode to Uncle Joey of Full House (Which is a bit creepy in itself; Dave Coulier is about 15 years older than Morissette is). Given its subject matter, it’s not surprising that …

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Aug 04 Week 41- Post-Connecticon Wrapup

(This post is huge; most of it is hidden behind a tag to prevent you from having to read it all each time the page loads) This past weekend was spent at Connecticon. Quite honestly, I had hoped to have the CD/business cards/etc. out at this point, but various circumstances that I have documented before …

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Jun 22 Week 35- The Apartment is Better

This past week, a lot of the issues I had with the apartment got fixed, specifically the toilet and cable (The latter of which involved a simple reboot of the system on Cox‘s end). As a result, the place actually feels something like a home now, and to celebrate, we had a housewarming (Apartmentwarming, I …

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Apr 27 Week 28- Speedruns and Albums

This week at, I returned from my self-imposed exile. Hooray! Since then, I’ve been slowly progressing on the album, doing a bit each day to bring it closer to release. I’d like to continue doing that until it’s finally out. Sometimes it’s significant progress, sometimes it isn’t, but every day it’s at least something. …

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