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Jan 14

Album Review- Yes

Album: Yes Year: 1969 The Lineup: “John” Anderson- Vocals Peter Banks- Guitar Bill Bruford- Drums Tony Kaye- Keyboards Chris Squire- Bass Have I Heard It Before: No Ask a more “casual” Yes fan where to start with their catalog chronologically, and most will point you to 1971’s The Yes Album, their third. Reviewers tend to …

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Dec 29

Yes! Yes!

One of the items I received for Christmas was the Yes Studio Albums 1969-1987 Box Set. While I would say my musical taste was more-or-less fully-formed by the time I really “discovered” Yes in college, I do like a lot of the Yes that I’ve heard, and they were an important, if indirect, influence on …

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Nov 10

Washing Away the Stream

Sharp-eyed viewers will notice the link to my uStream account is gone. This is actually kind of a sign of how badly neglected this place is, since I had been using Twitch/ to stream for the past several months. But I decided earlier today that I was done. Done with streaming. Done with watching streams. …

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Sep 03

A Farewell to an iPod…and a Hello to an iPod

In April of 2006, I entered a Dance Dance Revolution tournament at my college, the one and only time since I graduated in December 2005 that I’ve gone back. Yes, if you know how your college commencement schedules work, that means I didn’t attend my own graduation ceremony. To make a long story short, I …

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Aug 29

Post GameUniCon Post

Yeah. Over the weekend, I traveled to Marlborough, MA for the first-ever GameUniCon, a convention that was being hyped as New England’s largest video gaming convention. I arrived on Thursday night, as I tend to do for these things, picked up my badge, and got ready for the weekend. On Friday, I realized that this, …

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Mar 07

Activity Equals Page Views!

A few brief notes in lieu of doing anything productive tonight: 1. I’m convinced that what Rock Band needs is some of the early Power Rangers theme songs. C’mon, tell me the full version of the original theme, or the extended ZEO theme wouldn’t make awesome rhythm game songs. You can’t do it. Bonus points …

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Jan 22

So…Now What?

This site went up and running in October 2007, with an agreement for 2 years with my hosting service. I had big plans for it at the time, mostly revolving around my music. This hasn’t quite worked out the way I had hoped, mainly because of one frustration after another foiling my best efforts to …

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Nov 30

Funny Censorship is Funny

Rock Band 2 has a lot of songs. One of those songs is “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette, her rather bitter, sarcastic ode to Uncle Joey of Full House (Which is a bit creepy in itself; Dave Coulier is about 15 years older than Morissette is). Given its subject matter, it’s not surprising that …

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Aug 22

Two Quick Things for Friday:

#1: Burger King‘s new (I think it’s new) Spicy Tendercrisp Wrap is quite tasty, at least without lettuce (I don’t like lettuce, as anyone can tell you). #2: Harmonix are making it very difficult for me to not simply cave in and buy an XBOX 360 and Rock Band right now, with announcements such as …

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Aug 19

Have Some Brief Random Tuesday Thoughts!

Yay! I’m going to try to make the next Connecticon Member Appreciation Day on September 13th. These “MADs”, as they’re called, are essentially mini-Connecticons that are, for awhile, free to the public (After a certain date in the ‘Con year, they become restricted to CTCon attendees only). Fun stuff. As you may have gathered from …

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