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Feb 03

Introducing Sylvia’s Excellent Time Usurping Pugilists (S.E.T.U.P.)!

As I’ve mentioned previously, I recently downloaded Gamemaker Studio and was playing around with it, intending to make a Sylvia-centered Kung Fu remake (A Kung Fu Remix, if you will). Well, today I can present the first proof-of-concept of this idea, for Windows users. As I get more into how Gamemaker Studio actually works, a …

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Jan 03

A New Poll for the New Year

As I write this, I have 955 followers. What this means is that it’s time to start thinking about what I want to do for a thousand-follower appreciation stream. I have a number of options, and you can vote for up to three. I figure the top three or four vote-getters will win the …

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Dec 30

*Looks Around, Notes Neglect*

Yeah. So you’ve probably noticed that my posting here has slowed down of late. This is basically my fault, and while I’d love to say that it’s because I’ve been busy–which is, to a degree true–the main truth of the matter is that I’m just lazy. At some point during 2013, I plan to update …

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Nov 30

This Is Your Monthly Update

So there! It’s been a busy month in the Emptyeye household. The big news is that Mrs. Emptyeye and myself are now cat owners. Meet Mario the Cat. Mario is an 8-month old, 8.5 pound domestic long-haired feline. He is also very cute. He can do something wrong, like scratch at the couch, and then …

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Oct 31


Incredibly, I’m not dead. Happy Halloween everyone! I’m sitting here in my cape, figuring it’s one of the few days of the year it’s socially acceptable. Not that this stops me from wearing it when I stream. Mainly, I wanted to say that I’m still alive, and let you know some upcoming projects/etc. At the …

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Sep 28

The Game From The Black Lagoon

I have something of a complicated relationship with the 1992 SNES game Lagoon, most of them having little to do with the game itself. For more on those feelings, you’d be well-advised to set aside a day and check out my playthrough of it. This, though, will focus only on my feelings of Lagoon as …

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Aug 19

Somehow, I’m Still Alive

Okay, that was a little bit dramatic. I know I haven’t updated in quite awhile. Let’s see if we can rectify that. Since moving into the new condo, and finally (more or less) finishing moving in, I’ve been trying to do three streams a week. The Tuesday night streams, at present, are trying to knock …

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Jul 07

New Computer GET!

So I have a computer I can actually stream from. No more kidnapping my wife’s computer to do so. Hooray! Later on tonight I’ll likely try a stream from this computer and see if it works as well as I hope it does. Work on Hysterium slowly continues. I have to work out why some …

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Jun 21

State of the Emptyeye

So over the last week, I’ve made some decent progress in the Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta. I’m in World 2, with a party of Black Mage/Berserker/Bard/Chemist. While staying power is a bit of an issue, this is actually a pretty solid party. Chemist, by itself, is something of a “You Win The Game” …

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Jun 16

The Phantasy Star III Chronicles: Part Nineteen

In the end, I proceeded from a faulty train of logic. Forgetting that Maya was actually Layan (And thus Ayn was a hybrid Orakian/Layan), I decided that I wanted to keep the bloodline as Orakian as possible, and elected to marry Sari. Sari quickly put Ayn in his place, telling him “No more adventuring!” Wow. …

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