Category: Rhythm Gaming

Dec 01

Vote on the Next Suffering Saturday!

Suffering Saturday hasn’t gone away, I’ve just been doing my own thing with it while I prepare for the 2500 Follower Special/donation stream. Rad Racer is tough without the continue code. Anyway, it’s time to bring back the poll. I’m going to be doing something a bit different this time–there will be a week lead …

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Jun 26

Checkin’ In

Writing this while I watch UltraJMan play La-Mulana Wii. Writing-wise, I’ve finished a revision of my Machine of Death story that, I think, is stronger than my original concept. As I mentioned before, I changed the concept a bit to focus less on the original main character and more on the reactions to her calling. …

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Jun 11

A Quick Update While I’m Not Away

Today was the last Connecticon Member Appreciation Day before the convention itself. Today was spent both playing Rock Band and preparing for the tournament. Dan came up with a scoring spreadsheet that, after a bit of experimentation, we decided seemed to be fair, which primarily takes technical ability into account, but with a performance element …

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May 30

What’s Been New With Emptyeye

Lately, I’ve been putting a lot of effort into the Connecticon Rock Band tournament. I finally finished the spreadsheet of songs for it, containing all 661 songs you can currently play on my Rock Band 3 setup. The spreadsheet will be printed out to help people get a sense of what they can pick, especially …

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May 24

I’m Still Alive

I figured I should try and not let a month pass between updates this time out. My current main activity is preparing for the Connecticon Rock Band tournament. This being my first year running it, I’m trying to do a really good job of getting prizes and things for it, to the slight irritation of …

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Oct 28

First Impressions: Rock Band 3

Despite my initial intention to purchase Borderlands from Gamestop earlier in the week, I somehow managed to come home with a copy of Rock Band 3 instead. What can I say, Silver is persuasive like that. There’s a lot of new stuff in Rock Band 3–“Pro” instruments, mainly–that I can’t play because I lack the …

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Jul 14

Connecticon 2010- The Inmates Run the Asylum

Well, Connecticon 2010 was certainly my most…eventful convention to date. A quick warning: This is absolutely huge even by my “Massive post-Convention Post” standards, weighing in at over 5000 words according to WordPress…before this disclaimer. So, in addition to the traditional “Cut”, I put in some links so you can skip directly to the day …

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Jun 30

It’s Time For An Update

Yes, I’m pretty terrible at this “Updating the website” thing lately. Fairly soon, though, that should get better. We’re now less than two weeks away from Connecticon. On an individual level, I honestly don’t think I’ve practiced as much as I did for last year’s tournament. As far as my band situation goes, though, I’m …

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Apr 13

Game Development and Rock Band Stuff

Yes, yes, I’m still working on Hysterium. Quite honestly, even I’m kind of amazed at that. I know how my personality is, and you can see the remnants of past aborted projects even looking through the posts on this site (RANDOM FUN FACT for newcomers: This site was originally intended as a headquarters for my …

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Oct 18

An Overdue Status Update

It’s definitely been awhile since my last update, for a variety of reasons. Over the last week, I had to deal with the death of my aunt, which put a halt to any practicing for the SDA Charity Marathon taking place at MAGFest. Hopefully, with things getting back to something resembling normal (I’ll be going …

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