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Aug 29

Post GameUniCon Post

Yeah. Over the weekend, I traveled to Marlborough, MA for the first-ever GameUniCon, a convention that was being hyped as New England’s largest video gaming convention. I arrived on Thursday night, as I tend to do for these things, picked up my badge, and got ready for the weekend. On Friday, I realized that this, …

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Aug 15

Early Saturday Status Update

So let’s see here. Fresh off of my Connecticon Best Rock Band Vocalist title defense, I’ve been working on my Rock Band imports from the first game in preparation for next weekend’s GameUniCon. This tournament is a bit different than Connecticon’s; for one, it’s strictly score-based–two bands enter, play the same song (Or set of …

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Aug 04

Connecticon 2009: Mission Accomplished

And I’m not quite sure how I managed to pull it off. (WARNING: The word is over-used, but this is seriously an epic-length [About 3900 words according to WordPress] post. It’s behind the cut here so you won’t have to scroll through it all to read the older stuff)

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Jul 22

It Has Been Awhile

Indeed it has. Really, the best time to make a post announcing that I was still alive would have been Sunday. See, I don’t talk it a lot here–though it’s in the About Emptyeye section–but five years ago Sunday I was officially diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. In English, “A large cancerous mass in my …

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May 28

Hey look, I live!

Just a quick post to confirm I haven’t gone off and died in a ditch somewhere. Lately I’ve been playing an XBOX Live Arcade game called Castle Crashers (And yes, I’m a bit late here), which is a fun little beat ’em up with some role-playing elements. It’s $15 in the XBOX Live Arcade, and …

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May 07

And Yet Another Rock Band 2 Post

Indeed! Since the last tiem I updated, I’ve gotten a bunch of Rock Band 2 full combos on Expert Vocals. My most recent was number 73 out of 84 songs on-disc (Downloadable, or DLC songs, are generally counted separately). The most recent, and the one I’m most proud of, is Uncontrollable Urge, which has a …

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Apr 19

Random Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon

Given I haven’t updated in awhile–indeed, I haven’t really even been checking on this much, to the point that my Project Wonderful ad is currently delisted–I figured I’d throw everything into one somewhat large post. My quest to full-combo Rock Band 2’s vocals is moving along. I’ve now gotten the entire game gold-starred (A special …

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Apr 05

Oh I-hi-hi, Weeeeeeeeell, I’m Still Alive.

And still playing Rock Band 2, of course. With slightly less than 4 months to go until Connecticon, I’ve decided I’m on a mission to get 100% on all 84 songs included in Rock Band 2 on Expert Vocals. Currently, I’m at 29 out of 84, meaning 1 new 100% every 2 days will get …

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