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Feb 06

The Divisive Albums Podcast Episode -1: Def Leppard’s Slang

The “pre-pilot” episode of the Divisive Albums Podcast, which I did mainly to test out a few things. The first was whether the concept would hold my interest long enough to warrant my wanting to do future episodes. The second was whether I was good enough and entertaining enough that people would actually want to …

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Oct 01

Dragon Warrior Randomizer Tournament Match 2 Postmortem

So my second round match…did not go as well as my first round match. I put up a good fight, but two big mistakes cost me a potential victory against NESCardinality. For context, check out the race from my perspective here, or the actual race stream here. The beginning of this seed was a challenge. …

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May 06

Ninja Gaiden II Speedrun Tournament Thoughts

Putting this here instead of a PasteBin because, what the heck, I’m paying for a website, I might as well use it. Some thoughts on the Swiss rounds of the recent Ninja Gaiden II speedrunning tourney: (A brief note that when I say “the tournament”, I mean “The Swiss portion of the tournament”. I’m aware …

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Apr 06

Creating a PayPal Donation Button on Twitch.TV- The Update

Recently, Twitch.TV switched to a new layout that utilizes a language called Markdown in lieu of HTML. What this means is that my previous post on this topic is now outdated. I’ll leave it up for archival purposes, but obviously some things have changed with Twitch’s newest update. Note that this update applies only to …

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Apr 04

Creating a PayPal Donation Button on Justin.TV/Twitch.TV

NOTE 4/6/13: Twitch.TV has since changed their layout. I’ve kept the original post behind the “Read more” link, for archival purposes, but you’ll want to go here for actual current instructions.

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Jul 26

No, I’m Not Dead

Just been busy with stuff–gaming, short story writing, and so on.

Nov 19

Gobble-Con is Upon Us!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Gobble-Con starts today. If anyone is curious, my panel is tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 9AM, in what wrestling fans like to refer to as “The curtain-jerking slot” (I’m the first panel of the day), but which would more accurately be called “booze-induced sleepy time” (Thanks for …

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Jul 12

A Quick Word-Count Post

Some of the word counts, according to WordPress, of my post-convention posts: MAGFest 8/The SDA Charity Marathon: 3631 Connecticon 2009: 4125 Game UniCon: 2315 MAGFest VII: 1379 Connecticon 2008: 2786 MAGFest VI:1578. Yeah, I tend to write a lot about conventions. Connecticon 2010 will be no exception.

Mar 22

Hysterium Development Continues!

Indeed it does. Ideally, I’d like to have something resembling a very unfinished demo out by the end of April. Currently, I’m working on getting in the parts of the overworld needed to finish the first “quest” you’re sent on in the game. There’s a lot of other stuff to take care of, too (Properly …

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Jan 20

Hmm. This Could Be Bad.

You know, for as much as people rag on George W. Bush (Deservedly so at points), I’m pretty sure he didn’t flub the Inauguration Oath either time he took office like I just watched Obama do (If anyone has footage proving me wrong, please provide it, I’d like to see). Hopefully this was a one-off, …

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