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Games I Beat In 2014 #1-10: January-February

This page is the landing page for the initial group of games I beat in 2014. Of the initial 10, 4 of them were games I had never beaten before, although Neutopia II was the only game I came into 100% blind. Below are the first ten games, and the start of each entry.

#1: Metroid

This is a bit of a cheat, as I technically started it in 2013. I’m still counting it though. So, Metroid. Inventor of the genre that became known as “Metroidvania”. The first game in one of the bigger Nintendo series in the US (For whatever reason, Metroid was always more popular in the US than …

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#2: Metroid II: Return of Samus

This is a game I not only beat in 2014, but I make it a point to play through start-to-finish several times when I stream it, since I’m working on 100% speedruns of it. Released for the first time in 1991, Metroid II: Return of Samus is the long-awaited sequel to the first Metroid. Storyline-wise, …

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#3 (#1 NEW!): Metroid: Zero Mission

As you see in the title, this is the first game in 2014 that I beat for the first time (Metroid and especially Metroid II are games I’ve played through multiple times before). Released for the Game Boy Advance in 2004, Metroid: Zero Mission is similar to Super Castlevania IV in that, rather than being …

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#4: Neutopia

This entry in the Games I Beat In 2014 series is a game that is..not the most original one I’ve ever played, to say the least. The importance and influence of the original Legend of Zelda on gaming history is undeniable. Pretty much every action-adventure after it was influenced by it to some degree. Neutopia, …

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#5 (#2 NEW!): Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

The latest entry in this series is a game you’ll probably be surprised I never beat before. To clarify, I know I’ve made it up to Mike Tyson in the past, but I can’t be sure I ever beat him. And if I did, it was with the use of the “Tyson Code”, meaning I …

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The sixth game in this series is the first “indie” game I beat in 2014, although I’ve certainly played through it before. It is also by far the newest game in the series so far. First released in January 2010, VVVVVV is a “simple to learn, tough to master” platforming game with a unique aesthetic …

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#7 (#3 NEW!): Neutopia II

This entry in the Games I Beat In 2014 series is the first one that I can say I did truly “blind”, IE with zero knowledge of what I was getting into–I had played a bit of Zero Mission, and of course I had made it to Mike Tyson in the game named for him. …

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#8 (#4 NEW!): Final Fantasy II (Dawn of Souls Version)

This entry in the Games I Beat series is, in a way, kind of a “hipster” entry. Final Fantasy is, of course, a hugely-popular RPG series all around the world. Which specific entries in the series are the most highly regarded, though, depends on the region of the world you ask (The US loves Final …

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#9: Kirby’s Dream Land

Okay, so let’s just get the “Kirby sucks LOLOLOLOL” out of the way now. All right, done. Now then. Kirby’s Dream Land, released in 1992 for the Game Boy, is the very first game featuring Kirby, Nintendo’s lovable, ever-hungry puffball. The plot of the game is simple enough–King DeDeDe, Kirby’s nemesis and an all-around not-very-good …

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#10: Kirby’s Adventure

In 1993, the SNES/Genesis war was in full swing, and the NES, while still alive (The NES ceased production in 1995 in the US; the Famicom managed to hang around until 2003 in Japan), was something of an afterthought. This was too bad, as some great games came out from developers pushing the NES to …

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