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Games I Beat In 2014 #11-20: February-March

This is the page for the second set of games I beat in 2014. As with the initial group, 4 of the 10 games were new conquests, although I wasn’t 100% blind on any of them. Below is the title and first few words of each entry.

#11 (#5 NEW!): Kirby’s Dream Land 2

Kirby’s Dream Land 2 is a game that I own on the Game Boy, but I’m not quite sure how or why. Not that it’s a bad game–I just have almost no idea how I actually acquired it (My best guess is it was part of a “I’ll borrow this and you borrow that” trade …

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#12: Battletoads

This past Saturday, February 15th, 2014, I did my 2000-Follower Special for Twitch.TV. In this special, I replayed the games I did for the very first SDA marathon, Classic Games Done Quick. I elected to go through the games in alphabetical order, and Battletoads, released on the NES in 1991, and developed by Rare, was …

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#13: Kung Fu

Kung Fu is a game that is called many different things. The arcade version is known through most of the world as “Kung-Fu Master”, and the game is called “Spartan X” in Japan (More on that later). In the US, though, the NES port of the game is simply known as “Kung Fu”. That’s not …

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#14: Marble Madness

Marble Madness is a game that I remember the commercial for, although not as vividly as I thought upon re-watching it (Such 80s! Much overacting!). It was also a game that I don’t think I had played since Classic Games Done Quick back in 2010. Given this, I’m happy I actually get to write about …

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#15: Rygar (NES)

Tecmo, the company that created Rygar, did an interesting thing with their NES-era advertising. Both Rygar and Ninja Gaiden were advertised as being “THE #1 ARCADE SMASH!!” Regardless of how true the claim of the popularity of the arcade versions of these games actually was, neither NES game bore much resemblance to the arcade originals. …

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#16: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)

Ah, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. One of the first toy phenomena I really remember as a kid. This was in part due to the cartoon series, although I want to say I actually remember first hearing about them via this video game. Either way, though, their original incarnation was a surprisingly gritty comic book …

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#17 (#6 NEW!): Metroid Fusion

Since I love Metroid II so much, I was told I would probably like Metroid Fusion as well. I’ve enjoyed every Metroid game I’ve played to a greater or lesser extent (While I wouldn’t recommend people play it for the first time today, I happen to be the masochistic sort who likes mapping their own …

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#18: Strider (NES)

The arcade version of Strider is regarded as one of Capcom’s pre-Street Fighter II classics. The Genesis port is similarly well-loved, and the arcade version saw several stripped-down computer ports. A couple sequels followed, including one released earlier this year. Hiryu, the main character, is even in Marvel Vs. Capcom games. Then there’s the version …

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#19 (#7 NEW!): Cat Planet

I first heard of this game via a topic on Speed Demos Archive. It seemed like a cute, short game, with multiple posts along the lines of “Cat Planet Cat Planet Cat Planet!” (Which I’d later learn is derived from both the game and a Let’s Play thereof). In checking the Tech Support forum on …

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#20 (#8 NEW!): Lawn Mower

Thankfully, I did not forget a word. This is not Lawnmower Man. In this game, you’re just a lawn mower, and you mow lawns. Lawn Mower is an NES Homebrew game, released in 2011 as part of the NES Coding Compo 2011. It’s a simple, old-school arcade-esque game. Your goal is to mow ten different …

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