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Games I Beat In 2014 #71-76: November-December

Below is the eighth group of Games I Beat In 2014. As always, the title and first few words of each entry are below.

#71 (#38 NEW!): Rad Racer

Juvenilia interests me. No, that’s not perverted–“juvenilia” is what a famous entity produces in their field before they got good at it (Or, if you’re cynical, before they got famous). Most of the time, juvenilia never sees the light of day. Sometimes, though, the process of “growing up” takes place in public. The first Rush …

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#72: Super Metroid

There was a time when release dates for video games weren’t commonly known or anticipated. From reading various video game magazines, you could get an idea of when a game would be coming out to within a month or two, but it was a rare game (Not to be confused with Rare games) for which …

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#73 (#39 NEW!): The Sword of Hope

I have previously covered half of Icom’s MacVenture series. The console ports of these were handled by Kemco-Seika. Apparently, they wanted some of that MacVenture action all to themselves, so they went to the Game Boy–I guess that would make the result a GameBoyVenture–and created something very similar. Released in 1991, The Sword of Hope …

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#74: Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is often credited with coining the term “Metroidvania”. Ignoring my own distaste for the term–“Being in the Castlevania series” is about the only thing the Castlevania side contributed to the portmanteau; in all other ways, the genre is just Metroid-like–I think SotN is wrongly credited for this innovation. It’s not …

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#75: Sword Master

Some games are rarer than others. And sometimes, there’s no correlation between a game’s secondhand price and its quality. Games like the SNES version of Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, and Final Fantasy VI (First called “Final Fantasy III” in the US) command a high price for a reason–they’re classic RPGs that sold very few copies on …

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#76 (#40 NEW!): Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars

The very first game in this series was Metroid. On this last day of 2014, I’d love to say that this final entry in the series brings it full circle somehow. Alas, outside of playing as a female protagonist in outer space, this game has just about nothing in common with Metroid. Released by Anna …

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