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Here you can find pretty much every song I’ve written since the year 2003 or so, sorted in what will ultimately become album order.

A quick note: All the music you can hear at the links below is totally free (That said, I certainly won’t refuse any donations you choose to make). Further, I encourage you to spread these files as much as possible. Give them out to your friends, use them in a student/independent film project, whatever. The only things I ask are:

  • You leave the file tags as they are
  • You credit the music as being mine if you use it in a tagless way (EG as background music to a film)
  • I’d like it if you let me know that you liked the music too, either by leaving a comment on a main site entry or by E-mailing me.

That doesn’t sound too bad, does it? I didn’t think so. Enjoy the music.
Musical Doodlings of a College Kid
The Six Day Exile
Into the Aether

Into the Aether

This page is essentially a collection of bonus material of sorts. Most of it will be really short, and will take the form of stuff I recorded quickly on a whim and/or rejected takes from album tracks. Still, maybe it’ll give you some insight as to what, precisely, has to go wrong before something goes …

Musical Doodlings of a College Kid

Okay, I was prepared to say something to the effect of “Don’t download this stuff, it’s horrible, but it’s here as a document of where I’ve been musically if nothing else.” Indeed, I was dreading the prospect of re-listening to these songs for the first time in years (In most cases). I eventually summoned up …

The Six Day Exile

In April of 2008, I have a block of six days where I’m not working, and that further, I’ll be completely alone in the house. In those six days, I hope to rerecord (And hopefully mix and master) the songs that are linked to this page. These re-recorded songs will become my first sellable album, …

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