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Into the Aether

This page is essentially a collection of bonus material of sorts. Most of it will be really short, and will take the form of stuff I recorded quickly on a whim and/or rejected takes from album tracks. Still, maybe it’ll give you some insight as to what, precisely, has to go wrong before something goes right enough for me to keep it. Enjoy!

1. White Car Download Story Lyrics
2. For Everlasting Peace Download Story N/A
3. Tuition Madness Rejected Vocal Takes Download Story N/A
4. Epic Failure Bad Guitar Takes Download Story N/A
5. Epic Failure Clean Guitar Mix Download Story Lyrics
6. 7-11 Failed Takes Download Story N/A
7. The Original Lame Intro to The Six Day Exile Download Story Lyrics

7-11 Failed Takes

Download 7-11 Failed Takes Story March 20, 2008- Once again, no real story here, just roughly 2:20 of failed takes of all sorts from “7-11“. It starts with some aborted guitar takes, followed by some vocal takes where it’s clear I have trouble hitting a G above Middle C (And prove it again and again …

Epic Failure Bad Guitar Takes

Download Epic Failure Bad Guitar Takes Story March 15, 2008- There isn’t much of a story to this. It’s just a collection of rejected guitar takes made in the process of recording Epic Failure. Some are longer than others; the total running time for the file is about two minutes. And it’s pretty obvious why …

Epic Failure Clean Guitar Mix

Download “Epic Failure Clean Guitar Mix“ Story March 15, 2008- This mix actually dates back to late last year. My initial plan was to record everything “clean”, and then use my editing program of choice to add the distortion to the guitar. Unfortunately, the distortion module was, well, bad, and so this sat on my …

For Everlasting Peace

Download “For Everlasting Peace” Story In early December, I got an urge to record something quickly. The result was this, a two-track acoustic guitar cover of the first two Dr. Wily stages from the original Mega Man game. I did this really quickly, keeping the first take of each guitar track regardless of how good …

Original Lame Intro to The Six Day Exile

Download “Original Lame Intro to the Six Day Exile” Story May 22, 2008- You thought I was kidding when I said that the original idea for the Intro to

Tuition Madness Rejected Vocal Takes

Download “Tuition Madness” Rejected Vocal Takes Story Just what it implies, this is a file consisting of slightly over a minute of unsuccessful vocal takes in attempting to sing “Tuition Madness“, strung together one after the other. Some are more obvious rejects than others, but maybe some of them will magically become a part of …

White Car

Download “White Car” Story Truth be told, this could have gone in the Musical Doodlings section if I’d felt like coming up with a third category just for it. This was part of my final project for my Recording Techniques class in 2005. I’m of the opinion that Yes’s Drama is extremely underrated as a …

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