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Four Notes of DOOM

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This was an entry for the DoD Sept/Oct 2005 free month. I wanted to try something different from a musical standpoint, so I took the Dorago’s Palace theme from Rygar (Which consists of four notes repeated over and over) and attempted to stretch it out to 2 minutes by varying the drum beats and only the drum beats. Interesting anecdote: Several people commented that this may have been better off as a joke entry than a main one. Amusingly, no one called me on the fact that the drums (Which I considered the “main instrument” of this song) were programmed and not played live, technically violating the “Main instrument must be played live” rule of DoD. Also, unrelated to the song, the left image on this site‘s banner actually comes from the area in Rygar where the original version of this song is played.

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