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Journey to Acceptance

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In my own estimation, this is probably the worst of the originals where I wasn’t intentionally trying to be as awful as possible (A la “u1tr4 br00t41 m3t41 50n6”). Other than the 15/8 in the verse sections, there’s not much here particularly inspired musically. I do recall attempting to effectively write a sort of half-time version of Papa Roach’s “M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)” after playing way too much Amplitude (A rhythm game for PlayStation2 developed by Harmonix, who would later hit it big with Guitar Hero), which featured said Papa Roach song. Lyrically, I was going for a write-a-love-song-but-don’t-make-it-too-obvious approach. I think I failed in this endeavor, quite honestly. When she first heard the song, my girlfriend informed me that I shouldn’t try to harmonize with myself. Ouch! Making matters worse are my vocals, particularly in the chorus sections, where I’m indecisive as to whether I should be singing or screaming and thus the end result sounds like neither. Oh well.


The boy he wanders, wanders
Trying to find his way
Just what he’s looking for
He finds it hard to say
In the journey of his life, he meets
A girl about his age
He decides to start a courtship
At first he thinks it strange
But he finds

And love…

And as the boy gets closer
And nearer to the girl
She brings him happiness
She becomes his world
He realizes she brings
A peace he’s never known
The two become one being
To wind their caution’s thrown
And they find

And love…

But with them, as with everyone
The world’s vices creep into their lives
The lovers know that something’s wrong
But they run instead of finding what it is

And strife!

But as it often happens
In fairy tales and song
That they were made for each other
They realize before long
With the other to lean on
They both become undone
And slowly they realize
They were meant to be as one
And they find

And love…

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