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Theme and Variations on Apathetic Story

Download “Theme and Variations on Apathetic Story”


This was my very first entry into DoD, coming in the May/June 2005 free period (The very first free period in DoD’s history). Still being in school, and eager to apply the knowledge earned from obtaining a minor in Music, I decided to do a Theme and Variations on a song, which, as you may suspect, is taking a theme and playing it in various ways. The result is “Apathetic Story” from the game Ys II played in 9 different ways:

  1. The basic theme
  2. The theme again, but with more ornamentation
  3. In a mid-tempo rock style
  4. A rap-ish style
  5. Reggae
  6. Jazz
  7. Waltz
  8. Punk Rock
  9. Death metal

Other interesting notes:

  • As with most of my songs that used distorted guitar, I’m not particularly happy with the sound on the punk rock and death metal sections in particular.
  • Also note how the drums overpower everything else in the death metal section.
  • This is a pretty traditional rock lineup, IE guitar, bass, drums, as opposed to the the multiple bass tracks I tend to be known for.
  • Despite these misgivings, I’m pretty pleased with this song overall. From a composition standpoint, I actually think it’s one of my stronger tracks.

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