Mar 06

State of the Emptyeye- February/Early March

Let’s check in with how I’ve been doing of late, shall we?

The Games I Beat In 2014 series continues to grow. It now has 17 entries, six of which are games I had never beaten before. The most recent (As of this writing) in the series, Metroid Fusion, was a fun, expected entry that I may pick up and speedrun at some point. I’ve now written over 10000 words in the series to this point, and hopefully I can keep up that pace through the entire year. After that, I may see about collecting them into an E-Book of some kind, particularly if I can keep that pace up.

On the weight loss front, the pace of my losing weight has slowed, but I am still continuing to do so. At last weigh-in, I was 150.8, down about three pounds from the last time I checked in here. Weighing as much as I did in college is a little weird, although I still have four pounds or so more to lose. That would put me at what I think is a healthy weight for my size, even if the ridiculous Body Mass Index would put me slightly overweight.

The big news is that I once again have a job. Not only that, I’ll be returning to the place I worked, with the same title in a different department. This new job, from what I can tell, will entail a lot more responsibility for a lot of different systems/programs. I’ll be working close (Location-wise) to my old department, too. Suffice to say that this new position will be a challenge, but it should be fun too.

Oh, and I managed to do this. I now have the Metroid II 100% world record by about a minute and fifteen seconds.

Suffice to say I’m in a much better place than a month ago.

Jan 31

State of the Emptyeye for January

So I should use this “blog” thing I have more often. Since I made a Resolutions Post early in January, let’s see how I’ve done with those so far!

Lose Some Weight: This is generally going pretty well–though my rate of weight loss has slowed down, I’m a little over halfway to my weighing-147-pound goal (At last weigh-in, I was 154). My clothes feel looser, and I’m actually wearing stuff that isn’t t-shirts and sweatpants more often when I go out and about. Self-Respect! It’s a thing!

Play More Games: So far, so good I guess. I started a Games I Beat In 2014 series, which got off to a blistering start. Things have since slowed down a bit, what with my next game in the series being Final Fantasy II, one of the most forgotten games in the series (In the US anyway). I am playing the Dawn of Souls version, which makes things quite a bit easier, in part by giving out “charity HP ups” every so often. I’m confident I’ll beat it eventually, and then the pace may pick up again depending on what I pick up next.

Get A Steady Source of Income: Um…I doubt “severance and/or unemployment” really count for purposes of this discussion. I am getting more phone interviews and whatnot, but a personal interview or two, but so far, nothing that’s led to a solid position. I do have two more months of severance, so I’m not panicking yet, although that may change shortly.

Overall, I’m doing okay.


Jan 03


2013 was not the best year, to say the least. As we start 2014, I am currently Unemployedeye, among other things.

I was never one for making resolutions. But with this being a year of big transition, I figure this is as good a year as any to do so.

So with that, my first resolution is to drop some weight. More specifically, I’d like to get down to the 147 pound range. That would be about 10 percent of my bodyweight lost, and I think 145-150 pounds is a good weight to be at 5-foot-4. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to put some muscle on too, making me even slimmer. Between tracking my calories on the Lose-It! app, and logging my exercise on Fitocracy, I have the framework to do this, now I just need the discipline.

My second resolution is something of a childish one, that being to play more games. All my life, I’ve loved video games, and I’ve lived long enough that, at this point, I have too many old games to go through to even worry about new ones. To that end, since I’ll be doing more streaming on the Rize Up Gaming Stream in 2014, I figure that’s a great time to try and knock out some of my backlog of games. Sometime soon, I’ll write up a post that will include the games I’ve beaten on-stream for the year. Currently, the only one I’ve done is Metroid, and even that was technically started last year. Hopefully the list will grow soon.

While I’m here, I should definitely make my third resolution to find a steady source of income. Ideally, that would be either similar to my previous position, or streaming full-time, and I know the odds are long on the second one. Still, since I’ll have free time after polishing up my resume (One of the steps that the management company I’m working with has you do is basically improve your resume before you send it anywhere), I’ll be streaming more too, so we’ll see where that goes.

I will say I’d also like to do more creative things, be they writing, game creation, music, or something else. Who knows what form, if any, that creativity will ultimately take though.


Dec 23

The Twitch.TV 2000-Follower Special Poll!

As of this writing, I have 1908 followers on my Twitch.TV page. That means, much like I did for the 1000-follower threshold, it’s time to make a poll for what I should play for the 2000-follower special. Since I’m not going to Awesome Games Done Quick this year, and since I’m starting farther out than last time (About 90 followers away, as opposed to the 45 or so followers I was away from 1000) , I don’t expect to run into the “quickly obliterate the milestone” problem I had last time.

Anyway, vote for what you think I should do for said special! Please only vote once. If the “Selected Mega Man Games” wins, I’ll probably do a separate poll to pick the games, probably enough to fill 6-8 hours of streaming.

What Game (Or Games) Should I Play for the 2000 Follower Special? Pick ONE

  • Classic Games Revisited (Battletoads/TMNT/Kung Fu/Marble Madness/Rygar) (26%, 42 Votes)
  • Metroid II 100% Tutorial (24%, 39 Votes)
  • Half-Minute Hero (17%, 28 Votes)
  • Super Meat Boy 106% (360 version) (12%, 20 Votes)
  • Selected Mega Man Games (9%, 14 Votes)
  • Other: Leave a Comment! (7%, 11 Votes)
  • Mega Man X6 (5%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 161

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Nov 17

Game Review- Scribblenauts Unlimited

Nowadays, it’s rare that I actually play a game that could conceivably be called “current”. The last time I did so was probably Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. With the advent of the latest Humble Bundle (As of this writing, the Humble WB Bundle), I decided to grab some games I had been meaning to pick up, for a total of $5. One game in the bunch that I hadn’t necessarily intended to play, but was intrigued by, was Scribblenauts Unlimited.

Released in 2012, Scribblenauts Unlimited is the fourth game in the Scribblenauts series. I had remembered the hype surrounding the original Scribblenauts, which revolved around the fact that, essentially, anything you could think of, you could draw in the game. Not owning a DS or iDevice, I missed out on actually playing the games prior to Unlimited, but jumped at the chance to play it in the Humble WB Bundle. I have to say that I’m glad I did.

The plot of Scribblenauts Unlimited revolves around Maxwell and his sister Lily. Maxwell has a magical notebook that can create anything he can think of. One day, he and Lily come across an old man who begs for some food. As a prank, Maxwell creates a rotten apple for the man. Angered by this, the old man places a curse on Lily that will slowly turn her to stone. The curse can only be broken with Starites, which are obtained by making people happy and solving their problems.

There are actually three ways to earn more Starites. The first is by completing multiple-part levels-within-levels that earn you complete Starite, such as defending against a zombie invasion or finding Santa, who has gone missing. The second is by helping people within the larger levels–these people usually need a single item or adjective, and helping them gets you a Starite Shard, ten of which form a complete Starite. The third method is “Object Shards”, essentially a “bonus” method of earning shards by creating specific objects that the game is looking for. Fortunately, the game gives you hints as to what objects will earn you these shards. Further, if you get stumped during the multi-part complete Starite tasks, the game will usually all but give you the answer if you wait along enough and then click the question mark that appears above the person’s head.

Graphically, the game can best be described as “whimsical”, which helps the fun factor, and prevents you from getting too creeped out if you do what I do, which is to try and find the most ludicrous solution possible that the game will nonetheless accept. I cancelled Christmas multiple times, most notably by turning a reindeer radioactive to help it glow. Yes, it killed Santa and everything else in the immediate vicinity–but darn if that reindeer didn’t shine bright! The music is unobtrusive and relaxing for the most part, which is about all you can ask for in a puzzle game like this.

In terms of challenge, I was able to solve most everything either myself, or given the in-game hints. There were about five Starite shards I needed to Google certain terms in the hints given to find the exact word the game was looking for, one I stumbled on mostly through dumb luck after Googling turned up nothing, and one where a person in my stream chat gave me the answer. Even in the case of that final one, though, I was on the right logical path, I just hadn’t fully grasped the mechanics of the game (IE you could add adjectives to things/people). Still, you only need to grab slightly more than half of the total Starites to beat the game.

While you only need to get 60 of the 106 total Starites to beat the game, I went ahead and got everything in it, which took me about 20 hours according to Steam. For the next 42 hours or so as of this writing, this is available as part of the latest Humble Bundle, where paying more than the average price (Currently $4.76) gets you not only Scribblenauts Unlimited, but a bunch of other quality games, namely the first two Batman Arkham games. Even if you only get Scribblenauts Unlimited itself at that price, it’s worth it.


Sep 14

On Charity Video Game Marathons

On Twitter and the like, various members of the speedrunning community have given their thoughts on the seeming glut of marathons in the community. Because I am a shameless trendchaser, these are my own thoughts on it.

I have joked on Twitter about my less-than-stringent methods for choosing whether or not I will participate in a gaming charity marathon. While this is an exaggeration, I do really like charity marathons and try to participate in as many as I can, to the point that Mrs. Emptyeye once asked me “Can you please have a week where you’re NOT involved in a marathon?” Some of this is due to my involvement in Rize Up Gaming, which holds a marathon (Most of it not speedrunning-related, save when I decide to play Metroid II or some other game I’m decent at running) every month. Even before I joined Rize Up, though, I was of the opinion that there’s no such thing as “too many marathons”.

Really, this so called “glut” of marathons is nothing new. For the last several years, you could find a gaming marathon going on every weekend if you looked hard enough. The big issue people seem to be having is a perceived increase in marathons dedicated to speedrunning over the last three months. But even in 2012, you had the Lindsey Layne Kingathon, #smw, and the Sandython within roughly a month of one another. So the saturation issue isn’t just popping up now, as much as people are suddenly paying more attention for one reason or another.

The other main concern about this concerns people who only want to do marathons for exposure, and don’t take the time to polish their runs to a high level. I’ve noted before that I lack the holier-than-thou how-dare-I-get-paid-for-something-I-like-to-do reservations a lot of the speedrunning community seems to have about an individual speedrunner getting popular/streaming as their job/whatever (I am very much the Gene Simmons of the speedrunning community. Accuse me of being a sellout and my response will be “Yeah, and what’s wrong with that?”), so I’m not exactly sure what the issue here is. As long as people know going in that being in a speedrunning marathon (Up to and including a Games Done Quick) is not a guarantee of future superstardom, and do some research on the charity (If there is one) being represented, let them, I say.

As for people not practicing their runs, well, there are reasons the GDQs now have not one, but two “rules” relating to practice. This is always going to be a concer, even in the “big” marathons. That’s just the risk you run in letting people into marathons.

In sum, I don’t think the “glut” of marathons is either A. A glut, or B. Necessarily a bad thing. The more, the merrier, I say!


Aug 31


So earlier this week, I weighed myself and found I weigh 163 pounds. This may not seem like a lot, until you consider the fact that I’m, in the words of Primus, “Standin’ tall at 5-foot-4″.

As such, I’m trying to do something about it. First off, I’m trying to go to the gym several times a week, never working out the same thing twice in a row. This is something I’ve done before to good effect. Something I haven’t done to this point, though, is calorie counting. One of the things that would frustrate me during previous efforts to lose weight is the fact that what I ate during a week seemed to have no correlation with whether I gained or lost weight. Hopefully, actually seeing how many calories I’m eating each day (And trying to keep some semblance of control of that) will help me slowly lose this weight.

I’ve heard that a person shouldn’t crash-diet, which isn’t what I’m doing. I’m giving myself a pretty wide caloric range per day, anywhere from 1500-2000 calories per day, which isn’t starvation by any means. Additionally, I’ve heard that a person should start by aiming to lose 10% of their body weight. A quick bit of math shows that that would get me down to 147, which is honestly about where I’d want to be, weight-wise.

We’ll see how this goes!


Jul 19

You Like…A New Theme? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA!

So. New Theme. Do you like it? I’ll eventually go through and add a custom image and the like. In the meantime, feel free to suggest improvements/colors/etc.

Jun 09

Well, This Rusted Quickly

I’ve very much neglected this blog of late, which is rather sad.

Let’s start with some news. A couple months ago, I joined Rize Up Gaming, an organization dedicated to fighting racism/sexism/bullying within gaming communities, especially within MOBA communities. They also put on monthly charity marathons, which is mainly where I come in, as I’ve quickly gained a reputation as “the guy who plays the odd games” at these marathons (Ignoring the fact that I don’t particularly consider Super Meat Boy odd, since it sold about a bajillion copies, this mainly came about due to my being one of the few streamers with the organization whose focus is single-player console games. Understandably, given the group’s mission, there tends to be a lot of online multiplayer games–League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients 2, World of Warcraft, etc.–on the main Rize Up stream). Regardless, I’m okay with that. I now stream on the Rizeup stream on Wednesdays from 8-11PM EST, and I’m currently working my way through 106%ing Super Meat Boy (For the second time) on those days.

In other news, work on Sylvia’s Excellent Time Usurping Pugilists continues. I somehow haven’t totally abandoned the idea, though it has taken a backseat somewhat as Connecticon draws ever nearer. This has been my first year as a co-director of the electronic gaming department, and suffice to say it’s been quite the learning experience. I’m confident we’ll be able to put on a fun experience in our game room though, between the consoles, the arcade machines, and the tournaments. The rest of the convention should be a lot of fun too, of course, though I’ll be too busy in my little corner to experience most of that.

As for S.E.T.U.P, I have three out of five levels mostly complete, and I’m working on the fourth, which features a bee enemy. It will also feature the first human sprite I’ve done from scratch, as opposed to just modifying an existing sprite. Suffice to say that it looks very different from the rest of the graphics in the game, which isn’t entirely a bad thing.

I’ve also been trying to go to the gym, although I’ve admittedly failed that task of late. I want to lose some weight and maybe add some muscle as well. When I’m “On”, I go 3-4 times a week, doing cardio work, and then any two of upper body/lower body/circuit training. I’ve lost weight before, and I can do it again–it’s just a matter of sticking with the routine, and maybe getting to bed earlier so I can actually wake up at 6 on the days I do want to go to the gym before work.

So I’ve been busy. Hopefully I’ll update this a bit more frequently in the weeks to come.


Apr 06

Creating a PayPal Donation Button on Twitch.TV- The Update

Recently, Twitch.TV switched to a new layout that utilizes a language called Markdown in lieu of HTML. What this means is that my previous post on this topic is now outdated. I’ll leave it up for archival purposes, but obviously some things have changed with Twitch’s newest update.

Note that this update applies only to Twitch.TV specifically. Justin.TV may well work the same as before, but as I’ve moved over to Twitch.TV, I can’t say for sure (Both sites are owned by the same company, but are now effectively two different services outside of their chat servers).

The good news is that actually getting the button to work is quite easy with the new Twitch layout.

With that, let’s get started.

First, log into your paypal and actually get your Paypal donation link. To do this, log into PayPal, then go to Merchants and Services. Under “Create Buttons”, select the button of your choice. NOTE: Since I wrote the previous version of this guide, Paypal has since added a clause basically saying “If you use a donation button, you’d better be ready to verify that you’re putting your money toward a cause.” In light of that, you probably don’t want to use the “Donation” option anymore. Go through all the options, presumably using the “Customize Text or Appearance” option (If you’re not using a custom image, you’re probably better off just using ChipIn), and save the button at the end.

This will yield something like this (Replace all square brackets with braces):
[form action="" method="post"]
[input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_s-xclick"]
[input type="hidden" name="hosted_button_id" value="ABCDEFGHIJKLM"]

[input type="image" src="" border="0" name="submit" alt="PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!"]
[img alt="" border="0" src="" width="1" height="1"]

I’ve bolded the first three lines of the above because those are the tags we’re concerned with.

Next, go to your Twitch.TV Administration page by clicking “Admin” near the top of your stream, then “Edit”. Click the giant plus sign to add a panel. In the title, put whatever you want the title of the panel to be–I simply use “Donate!” Select whatever image you want to use as your donation button–Twitch now lets you simply pull these from your computer, which is nice.

Now is when we’ll use those three pieces of information I bolded. Where it says “Image links to”, put the following:

As you can see, what we did was join those first three elements. We joined elements 1 and 2 with a question mark, elements 2 and 3 with an &, and within each element, we joined the variable name with its value via an equal sign.

Now just click “Submit” below the panel and that’s it, you now have a donation button!

Note that you may want to have a text link to the donation URL in another panel. You should have the basic idea of Twitch panel creation now, but the specific way to create a link that has text is [displayed text]( . Don’t look at me, Markdown is wacky.

Hopefully that helps you with donation button creation!


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