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Jul 15

Well That’s Just Sort of Humiliating.

The long story short is that I played around with Audacity earlier tonight to try to learn it in preparation for recording commentary for my Astyanax speedrun–and as I recorded some vocals, I immediately noticed the hiss upon playback that I couldn’t immediately make go away. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t all that much on …

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Jul 13

Emptyeye.com Week 38- *Idle*

Yeah. This past week, I did a lot of playing StarCraft and very little of anything else. I continue to enjoy the game, despite the fact that I continue to be terrible at it. Hooray for that, I guess. Mainly, I just need to get faster at performing actions. It won’t magically fix everything, but …

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Jul 11

The Rash is Dead; Long Live the Rash

Those of you who aren’t familiar with your old school video games are no doubt wondering if I’ve come down with some terrible disease. Those of you who are familiar with them know that “Rash” refers to the first player’s character in the original Battletoads, and may actually know me (Especially if you were at …

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May 14

It Is A Good Wednesday.

Yes indeed it is. First of all, my Astyanax speedrun has finally been posted to SDA. Further, the traffic I got from there made today one of my biggest days ever in terms of traffic (There’s a link to the site at the bottom of the comments). I guess the audience for speedruns is actually …

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May 06

Random Tuesday Thoughts #Big

It’s time…it’s time…IT’S VADER RANDOM TUESDAY THOUGHT TIME!! So what exactly constitutes a “live performance” by a band appearing on television? This question actually formed in my head after Def Leppard‘s appearance on Dancing with the Stars last Tuesday. Suffice to say that the band mimed along with an edited version (For time, not content; …

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May 04

Emptyeye.com Week 29- I Dunno Man, Yeah, Yeah.

This week here on the site, the main news was that I did actual work on the site that you could see, adding various social link buttons to every post on the main page. You can check out the details here; I used and then manually configured a WordPress plugin called Sociable to make that …

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May 01

Look! The Site Isn’t Dead!

You’ll probably notice the various little icons that are now to the left of the “Leave a Comment” links on each entry here. These are so, if you particularly like something I’ve written, you can submit them to various social things like Digg or StumbleUpon, where I can hopefully take over the world. Or maybe …

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Apr 27

Emptyeye.com Week 28- Speedruns and Albums

This week at emptyeye.com, I returned from my self-imposed exile. Hooray! Since then, I’ve been slowly progressing on the album, doing a bit each day to bring it closer to release. I’d like to continue doing that until it’s finally out. Sometimes it’s significant progress, sometimes it isn’t, but every day it’s at least something. …

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Apr 26

They See Me Runnin

A bit of speedrun news: my Astyanax run is finally in the verification process at SDA. And it only took four months, compared to the nine months or so for my Magic of Scheherazade run to get verifiers… I’ve also pretty well decided that M.C. Kids (And given a choice between a link to the …

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Apr 23

Exile. Ur Doin It Rong.

Or however that particular meme goes. In all, I pleasantly surprised myself with how I generally managed to stay on-task throughout the past week or so. It wasn’t perfect–I still have to record some solos, and do all the mixing and such–but the fact that I said to myself eight months or so ago “I …

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