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Dec 23

The Twitch.TV 2000-Follower Special Poll!

As of this writing, I have 1908 followers on my Twitch.TV page. That means, much like I did for the 1000-follower threshold, it’s time to make a poll for what I should play for the 2000-follower special. Since I’m not going to Awesome Games Done Quick this year, and since I’m starting farther out than …

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Dec 09

Emptyeye Plays Games for Charity. Again.

In a little under a month, I’ll be heading to Virginia to participate in the second annual Speed Demos Archive charity marathon. This time, we’re playing for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, which is dedicated to the eradication of cancer via its prevention. This is done through research, education, and community outreach. The marathon will be …

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Jan 06

Post-MAGFest 8/Speed Demos Archive Charity Marathon Wrapup

This post isn’t going to have quite the marathon-to-MAGFest balance I thought it would when Silver and I embarked on the journey to MAGFest 8. But more on that later. Once again, most of this is behind a cut because it’s obscenely long.

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Nov 14

It’s Shameless Promotion Time!

I’m excited! This is because I can now officially really start promoting the Speed Demos Archive Charity Marathon! I’ve mentioned it before, but I can finally give you most of the details both relating to me specifically and the marathon in general. The theme is “Classic Video Games” focusing on the NES, SNES and Genesis. …

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Sep 07

Video Gaming for Charity

This is another “Look at these cool causes!” post, this time regarding video games and playing them for charities of various sorts. The most famous “group” of this type is probably The Speed Gamers, who have done roughly a dozen marathons of varying lengths for various series, most recently a 72-hour Mega Man marathon. But …

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Jul 11

The Rash is Dead; Long Live the Rash

Those of you who aren’t familiar with your old school video games are no doubt wondering if I’ve come down with some terrible disease. Those of you who are familiar with them know that “Rash” refers to the first player’s character in the original Battletoads, and may actually know me (Especially if you were at …

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