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Mar 24

This is a Test

Yeah, running tests on your live site is generally not a good idea. This was a lesson I refused to learn after my first WordPress upgrade debacle. But in any event, this is a test of a Polls plugin that I installed earlier today. Hopefully I can make the thing display in this post. It …

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Mar 23

Emptyeye.com Week 23- A Consistent Update Schedule

This past week at Emptyeye.com, I managed to post at least something every single day, and my viewership apparently liked this. Either that, or spreading what little promotion I do throughout the week increased said viewership compared to the previous week. Whichever it is, hopefully I can somehow maintain that, or even increase it over …

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Mar 22

On the Run of 33. And 16. And 11.

With one week until I travel to Rhode Island to get absolutely destroyed in this tournament (Despite the topic title, actual cancellation of the tournament seems unlikely), I figured a fully DDR-centered post would be good. MAX 300 was the first “10-footer” in DDR history. 10 feet is as high as the DDR difficulty scale …

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Mar 18

Your Obligatory Random Tuesday Thoughts

Hooray for a semi-regular emptyeye.com segment, huh? To lead off, here’s another fine example of O Fortuna making everything awesome. Hockey is actually a fine sport to watch–it’s fast paced, play stops fairly rarely all told, and perhaps its biggest advantage over something like football or basketball is that the last 20 seconds of a …

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Mar 16

Emptyeye.com Week 22- New Songs Plus DDR Stuff

This past week at Emptyeye.com saw the release of a new song, which is easily my longest one to date, plus the associated bonus material that you can grab in the Into the Aether section. That was the main thing regarding what you saw on the site. Off the site, I’ve been working on other …

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Mar 15

More Art! More DDR!

Yeah, pretty much what the name of the post implies. The left thumbnail is another attempt at a banner-sized sort of ad for the site for Project Wonderful. I think it’s actually pretty good, though the URL on the right is a bit superfluous, as the banner will link directly to the site anyway. On …

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Mar 15

New Bonus Material Plus the Dating of Those Pages

There’s some new material inside the Into the Aether section of the site. One track is a collection of Epic Failure rejected guitar takes, while the other one isn’t, but both probably do a good job of showing that I’m a better bassist than I am a guitarist. That hasn’t stopped me yet, though… Also, …

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Mar 13

New Song- Epic Failure

Once again, I have successfully delivered a new song when I said I would. This one is called “Epic Failure“, and it’s my longest, most unashamedly prog-rock song to date, despite its rather silly origins. Read all about it by clicking on its name, or go ahead and download it directly here. As a bonus, …

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Mar 05

Curse You, Limited Vocal Range!

I had hoped to record the vocals for a song tonight so I could upload it tomorrow. Unfortunately, since I wasn’t recording a Rick Astley cover, I only got about half the vocals done thanks to repeatedly failing to hit the highest notes I was going for and eventually having to give up before I …

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