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Mar 01

Huzzah! Sending E-mail Works! And DDR stuff.

Since I’ve owned emptyeye.com, I’ve had the e-mail address you can see at the sidebar to your right. I managed to configure it to receive e-mails in Mozilla Thunderbird pretty easily–this, combined with the “e-mail me comments” feature of WordPress, allows me to stay pretty on top of what’s going on with the site–but making …

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Feb 28

Book Review: Lifting Shadows: The Authorized Biography of Dream Theater

Awhile back, I announced that I had acquired a copy of Lifting Shadows: The Authorized Biography of Dream Theater by Rich Wilson and intended to review it, though I suspected it would be useless from a functional standpoint. Having actually read the book, I stand by this statement–if you’re a hardcore Dream Theater fan, you …

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Feb 27

On Listening to Music–My Own and Others

Today at work I listened to the mixes I currently have here for The Six-Day Exile on my iPod. I realized the following: Recording solo bass and making it audible on the headphones I use is going to be very difficult without it overpowering more substantial systems, such as a car radio. My cousin was …

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