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Mar 15

New Bonus Material Plus the Dating of Those Pages

There’s some new material inside the Into the Aether section of the site. One track is a collection of Epic Failure rejected guitar takes, while the other one isn’t, but both probably do a good job of showing that I’m a better bassist than I am a guitarist. That hasn’t stopped me yet, though… Also, …

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Mar 13

New Song- Epic Failure

Once again, I have successfully delivered a new song when I said I would. This one is called “Epic Failure“, and it’s my longest, most unashamedly prog-rock song to date, despite its rather silly origins. Read all about it by clicking on its name, or go ahead and download it directly here. As a bonus, …

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Mar 05

Curse You, Limited Vocal Range!

I had hoped to record the vocals for a song tonight so I could upload it tomorrow. Unfortunately, since I wasn’t recording a Rick Astley cover, I only got about half the vocals done thanks to repeatedly failing to hit the highest notes I was going for and eventually having to give up before I …

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Mar 03

Promise: Delivered on! New Song- “Tuition Madness”

As I promised yesterday, I’ve uploaded a new song tonight. The song is called “Tuition Madness“, and it’s basically about how US society expects you to pile up thousands of dollars in debt on an education so you can go out and work yourself into even more debt later in life. You can read about …

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Mar 01

Huzzah! Sending E-mail Works! And DDR stuff.

Since I’ve owned emptyeye.com, I’ve had the e-mail address you can see at the sidebar to your right. I managed to configure it to receive e-mails in Mozilla Thunderbird pretty easily–this, combined with the “e-mail me comments” feature of WordPress, allows me to stay pretty on top of what’s going on with the site–but making …

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Feb 28

Book Review: Lifting Shadows: The Authorized Biography of Dream Theater

Awhile back, I announced that I had acquired a copy of Lifting Shadows: The Authorized Biography of Dream Theater by Rich Wilson and intended to review it, though I suspected it would be useless from a functional standpoint. Having actually read the book, I stand by this statement–if you’re a hardcore Dream Theater fan, you …

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Feb 27

On Listening to Music–My Own and Others

Today at work I listened to the mixes I currently have here for The Six-Day Exile on my iPod. I realized the following: Recording solo bass and making it audible on the headphones I use is going to be very difficult without it overpowering more substantial systems, such as a car radio. My cousin was …

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