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Feb 05

The MAGFest Mega Man Mini-Marathon Debriefing

As I mentioned in my last post, during MAGFest X, I played through 15 different Mega Man games in the span of 21 and a half hours to help raise money for the SDA Marathon and the Prevent Cancer Foundation. It’s been about a month, and I feel like I should really write a proper …

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Jan 21

The MAGFest X/AGDQ 2012 Mega-Summary

This past week and a half was spent in Maryland and Virginia, at MAGFest X and the Speed Demos Archive Charity Marathon, Awesome Games Done Quick 2012. This is going to be a long, long post, so I’ll break it up into days, in order so that you’re not totally overwhelmed. Wednesday, the 4th Thursday, …

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Jan 19

The Second SDA Marathon, Ninth MAGFest, and first Emptyeye Wedding

(And that third item will hopefully also be the last Emptyeye Wedding) Silver and I had a pretty crazy week and a half recently. It started on Thursday, the 6th, when we left at 7:30 AM or so to head to Alexandria, VA. This was actually not for any marathon or festival or anything–those would …

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Jan 06

Post-MAGFest 8/Speed Demos Archive Charity Marathon Wrapup

This post isn’t going to have quite the marathon-to-MAGFest balance I thought it would when Silver and I embarked on the journey to MAGFest 8. But more on that later. Once again, most of this is behind a cut because it’s obscenely long.

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Dec 21

Less Than Two Weeks!

Until Classic Games Done Quick, which is the official name for the SDA Charity Marathon! Myself and 21 other runners will be playing through 72 games in 54 hours or so, starting at 6PM January 1st with the original Mega Man, and ending at about midnight January 3rd/4th with the completion of Final Fantasy VI. …

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Dec 18

But…Today Isn’t Tuesday.

Yep. We’re two weeks away from MAGFest, and it’s time for me to start to work on the challenges once again. I had started this, but then got distracted by Rock Band 2. Kareshi has apparently not been practicing as hard as he did last year. While this is good for me in an individual …

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Dec 14

Woo-hoo, I Live!

Yeah, not a lot to say here. Now that my Endless Setlist odyssey is done, it’s time to get back to practicing the MAGFest Challenges. And that’s pretty much it. I may at some point write up a guide for the Endless Setlist to help people (Particularly vocalists) who can’t already gold star everything in …

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Dec 03

They’re the Final Countdowns!

First up is the fact that MAGFest is under a month away. THis will be my fourth time going, and the second time with the Challenges Booth. Truth be told, though, I haven’t been doing a lot of practicing for it, at least lately. That’s because I’ve been playing various Rock Band 2 in preparation …

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Oct 23

Yay, MAGFest Challenges!

Earlier this week, the MAGFest 7 Challenges were posted. This year is going to be interesting for a couple reasons. First and foremost, as compared to last year’s booth, there are a much higher percentage of games I’ve never actually played before (Though in talking to some other people, it seems a lot of us …

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