Tag: Magician

May 31

As Promised, A Magician Speedrun

Here you go. This run finishes the game in a shade under 13 minutes and 45 seconds. If you happened to watch Japan Relief Done Quick, for reference, it took at least that long to realize I was streaming to the wrong place, at which point I was less than halfway through the game (Which …

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May 30

What’s Been New With Emptyeye

Lately, I’ve been putting a lot of effort into the Connecticon Rock Band tournament. I finally finished the spreadsheet of songs for it, containing all 661 songs you can currently play on my Rock Band 3 setup. The spreadsheet will be printed out to help people get a sense of what they can pick, especially …

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May 24

I’m Still Alive

I figured I should try and not let a month pass between updates this time out. My current main activity is preparing for the Connecticon Rock Band tournament. This being my first year running it, I’m trying to do a really good job of getting prizes and things for it, to the slight irritation of …

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May 19

Emptyeye’s Excellent Portal Excursion, Part 4/Post-Mortem

While I was setting up to try my pretty-sure-it-was-not-at-all-what-the-developers-intended solution to my conundrum from last entry, I decided to head back into the actual chamber that was giving me an issue and see if maybe there was something I had been missing. Naturally, there was, and the solution presented itself when I took a second …

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Mar 02

Creative Projects, GO!

Amazingly, I’ve been slowly working on some of the projects I mentioned a few entries ago. The card game is coming along. I have the “mechanics” of about 30 of the cards down, and I’d like to get another 30 or so made before I start doing some testing of it balance and mechanics-wise. Then…I’m …

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