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Dec 09

Have Some Random Tuesday Thoughts!

Hooray! My quest to earn myself a shiny platinum vocal icon for Rock Band 2 was a success. My final score was 414 out of 420 stars, which, while obviously not perfect, is pretty darn good. As a bonus, I earned the Bladder of Steel award for not failing or pausing throughout, even if I …

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Aug 19

Have Some Brief Random Tuesday Thoughts!

Yay! I’m going to try to make the next Connecticon Member Appreciation Day on September 13th. These “MADs”, as they’re called, are essentially mini-Connecticons that are, for awhile, free to the public (After a certain date in the ‘Con year, they become restricted to CTCon attendees only). Fun stuff. As you may have gathered from …

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Aug 16

…And Bad Drum Production for All

Musically, Metallica’s …And Justice for All is one of my favorite albums ever. Production-wise, almost the exact opposite is true. Tales have been told for years about the almost complete absence of bass on the album, but that’s really not even my biggest problem with it. No, my problem with it is something about which …

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Feb 27

On Listening to Music–My Own and Others

Today at work I listened to the mixes I currently have here for The Six-Day Exile on my iPod. I realized the following: Recording solo bass and making it audible on the headphones I use is going to be very difficult without it overpowering more substantial systems, such as a car radio. My cousin was …

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