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Oct 26

Time For a Change

Over the last several years, probably since about 2011-2012, I’ve spent a disproportionate amount of my time on Twitch.TV, either streaming myself or watching other people do so. Indeed, I’m watching/listening to a stream as I type this. I recently realized that this has to change. I don’t know what the exact trigger for this …

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Jan 14

Album Review- Yes

Album: Yes Year: 1969 The Lineup: “John” Anderson- Vocals Peter Banks- Guitar Bill Bruford- Drums Tony Kaye- Keyboards Chris Squire- Bass Have I Heard It Before: No Ask a more “casual” Yes fan where to start with their catalog chronologically, and most will point you to 1971’s The Yes Album, their third. Reviewers tend to …

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Jan 03


2013 was not the best year, to say the least. As we start 2014, I am currently Unemployedeye, among other things. I was never one for making resolutions. But with this being a year of big transition, I figure this is as good a year as any to do so. So with that, my first …

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Jan 22

So…Now What?

This site went up and running in October 2007, with an agreement for 2 years with my hosting service. I had big plans for it at the time, mostly revolving around my music. This hasn’t quite worked out the way I had hoped, mainly because of one frustration after another foiling my best efforts to …

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Mar 31

On Lazenca Save Us

Since Saturday, I’ve been listening to “Lazenca Save Us” pretty much nonstop. Because I’m the sort of person who has to over-analyze everything, I’ve been trying to figure out why I like the song so much. In the most general sense, the song is right up my alley–it rocks hard, and has quite the epic …

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Mar 27

More Soundcard Stuff

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been playing around with my new sound card for my computer. I think I’ve managed to get it fully working with my current recording program of choice. The weird thing was that I had to switch to Virtual Out 3/4 this time around, as there was some driver conflict when …

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Mar 23

Emptyeye.com Week 23- A Consistent Update Schedule

This past week at Emptyeye.com, I managed to post at least something every single day, and my viewership apparently liked this. Either that, or spreading what little promotion I do throughout the week increased said viewership compared to the previous week. Whichever it is, hopefully I can somehow maintain that, or even increase it over …

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Mar 18

Your Obligatory Random Tuesday Thoughts

Hooray for a semi-regular emptyeye.com segment, huh? To lead off, here’s another fine example of O Fortuna making everything awesome. Hockey is actually a fine sport to watch–it’s fast paced, play stops fairly rarely all told, and perhaps its biggest advantage over something like football or basketball is that the last 20 seconds of a …

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Mar 16

Emptyeye.com Week 22- New Songs Plus DDR Stuff

This past week at Emptyeye.com saw the release of a new song, which is easily my longest one to date, plus the associated bonus material that you can grab in the Into the Aether section. That was the main thing regarding what you saw on the site. Off the site, I’ve been working on other …

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Mar 15

New Bonus Material Plus the Dating of Those Pages

There’s some new material inside the Into the Aether section of the site. One track is a collection of Epic Failure rejected guitar takes, while the other one isn’t, but both probably do a good job of showing that I’m a better bassist than I am a guitarist. That hasn’t stopped me yet, though… Also, …

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