Tag: New England Patriots

Nov 15

Hey Idiot, the Bandwagon Already Left.

I’ve decided that, contrary to my previous stance of absolutely despising the New England Patriots–I’m pretty sure there were very few people happier than I was when they choked hardcore in last year’s Super Bowl–I’ve decided I want them to make a 2001-esque miracle run to a Super Bowl victory. Why my change of heart? …

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Aug 19

Have Some Brief Random Tuesday Thoughts!

Yay! I’m going to try to make the next Connecticon Member Appreciation Day on September 13th. These “MADs”, as they’re called, are essentially mini-Connecticons that are, for awhile, free to the public (After a certain date in the ‘Con year, they become restricted to CTCon attendees only). Fun stuff. As you may have gathered from …

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