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Nov 25

Gobble-Con 2011: Definitely Not Financed By A Bank Robber

Last weekend was the second-annual Gobble-Con, a small convention that this year took place at the Stamford Plaza Hotel, eventually to be renamed the Stamford Crown Plaza. I arrived at noon and got my badge. Unfortunately, my hotel room wasn’t ready yet, so I left to go get some food. Something I didn’t realize: Summer …

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Oct 15

Writing and Presenting

So I’m about a month away from Gobble-Con 2.0, where I’ll be giving the So You Want to be a Speedrunner panel again. This time, I have a bunch of new videos to show, and I asked for a second hour to do a live run of Mega Man X, even though the game play …

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Nov 22

Gobble-Con 2010: Presumably Not Financed By A Bank Robber

(For more on the title, check this out. It’s in regards to this convention I attended.) This past weekend, I attended the first-ever Gobble-Con in Milford, Connecticut at the Hilton Garden Inn. In contrast to Connecticon, or even to MAGFest, Gobble-Con is a small (about 300 attended), first-year convention created to fill the gap between …

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Nov 21

So You Want to be a Speedrunner: Video Tricks Explained

Super Mario Bros -When Mario is moving downwards, his collision priority takes precedence over that of the enemy. Thus, Mario will stomp on an enemy and kill it, even if it looks like he should die. -Andrew hesitates for a split second at the end of 8-3 to stop the clock at 242 instead of …

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Nov 19

Gobble-Con is Upon Us!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Gobble-Con starts today. If anyone is curious, my panel is tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 9AM, in what wrestling fans like to refer to as “The curtain-jerking slot” (I’m the first panel of the day), but which would more accurately be called “booze-induced sleepy time” (Thanks for …

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Nov 02

So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 33

I ran through the presentation again today. We’re about two and a half weeks again from Gobble-Con, so I really have to get practicing that again. I’m probably going to dry-run it at the next Connecticon M.A.D, which will give me some experience with doing it in front of people. Silver also suggested that I …

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Oct 18

So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 32

With just over a month to go until Gobble-Con, I ran through the audio portion of my panel today while I was making dinner. In a couple weeks, I hope to actually run everything through in front of an audience, such that it will be. I think I did okay, considering I was attempting to …

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Oct 05

So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 32

Knowing that I really need to practice the presentation for Gobble-Con, but being lazy at the same time, last night I struck a compromise and ran through the audio part of it, IE what I want to say. I’ll have to do some more of that in the coming weeks if I really want to …

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Sep 29

So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 31

Admittedly not a lot of progress to report today. What I did do was put “Mention Q&A” in its proper place near the beginning of the notes I have for the presentation, which will help me, you know, remember to mention it. And that’s about it, really.

Sep 27

So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 30

After not thinking about the panel for Gobble-Con for over 2 weeks, I ran through the material again earlier tonight. And that’s really about the only positive thing that can be said about it. I took longer than I had before, and it was just generally not very good–I still forgot to mention important stuff …

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