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Feb 05

The MAGFest Mega Man Mini-Marathon Debriefing

As I mentioned in my last post, during MAGFest X, I played through 15 different Mega Man games in the span of 21 and a half hours to help raise money for the SDA Marathon and the Prevent Cancer Foundation. It’s been about a month, and I feel like I should really write a proper …

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Jan 21

The MAGFest X/AGDQ 2012 Mega-Summary

This past week and a half was spent in Maryland and Virginia, at MAGFest X and the Speed Demos Archive Charity Marathon, Awesome Games Done Quick 2012. This is going to be a long, long post, so I’ll break it up into days, in order so that you’re not totally overwhelmed. Wednesday, the 4th Thursday, …

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Aug 04

It’s Almost Gaming Marathon Time!

Later on today, Speed Demos Archive will be starting their summer marathon, creatively titled Summer Games Done Quick. It’ll start at 2PM EST today, and tentatively go until about midnight on Saturday. Check out the full slate of games to be played here. I’m not participating in this one (Utah is a little far from …

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Jan 19

The Second SDA Marathon, Ninth MAGFest, and first Emptyeye Wedding

(And that third item will hopefully also be the last Emptyeye Wedding) Silver and I had a pretty crazy week and a half recently. It started on Thursday, the 6th, when we left at 7:30 AM or so to head to Alexandria, VA. This was actually not for any marathon or festival or anything–those would …

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Sep 12

Gently Streaming

Earlier today I decided to start streaming a casual playthrough of Phantasy Star II. I figure this is something different from what either of the two primary stream fora that I go to. It’s a casual playthrough, so it doesn’t come with endless resetting after five minutes of attempts like a lot of the SDA …

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Aug 17

So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 12

About the entirety of my “new progress” today consisted of getting the snippet of Essentia’s Final Fantasy VI run that I needed. This was still a major victory though, since I actually had to cut the video down beforehand to make it fit into the program I was using to edit the final product (I …

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Aug 09

So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 4

Today was another day where I slowly but surely made progress. With help from Silver, I was able to get a picture that captures the long, hard, exhausting process of doing research for a speedrun. Look at how hard I’m working! Besides that, Andrew G gave me permission to use a clip from his Super …

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Aug 08

So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 3

It’s kind of interesting that I can honestly say that I was playing Phantasy Star II to prepare for the panel. And yet, that’s exactly what I did today. In attempting to come up with some more visuals for the slides part of it (I suppose “PowerPoint” would be the commonly accepted noun for a …

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Dec 21

Less Than Two Weeks!

Until Classic Games Done Quick, which is the official name for the SDA Charity Marathon! Myself and 21 other runners will be playing through 72 games in 54 hours or so, starting at 6PM January 1st with the original Mega Man, and ending at about midnight January 3rd/4th with the completion of Final Fantasy VI. …

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Nov 14

It’s Shameless Promotion Time!

I’m excited! This is because I can now officially really start promoting the Speed Demos Archive Charity Marathon! I’ve mentioned it before, but I can finally give you most of the details both relating to me specifically and the marathon in general. The theme is “Classic Video Games” focusing on the NES, SNES and Genesis. …

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