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May 05

What Is My Stream?

Just some idle musings about my stream, and “what it is”. In an objective sense, I stream RPGs. I alternate JRPGs and dungeon-crawlers, selected by polls of my viewers/fans from lists of 3 to 4 of each. For the most part, these are games I’ve never beaten before, although that’s not a hard-and-fast rule. These …

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Jun 14

The Future of Speedrunning and Streaming

Following up a bit on my previous post. One thing that’s important to clarify that informs a lot of where people fall in the debate on “What comes next” is “What constitutes ‘Square One’?” I define it as “Those streamers have absolutely no skills that are useful in a non-streaming(1) context”. As such, I obviously …

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Jun 09

On Life After Streaming Big

First, a disclaimer: I am someone who has tried and failed to Stream Big. This probably colors my thoughts on this issue. In any event, last night on Twitter, speedrunner Vorpal made a series of Twitter posts expressing concern for people trying to make a living off of streaming. It ended with

Aug 23

Thoughts on Streaming Speedruns, and *GDQs

These are some thoughts that I had about streaming and the Games Done Quick marathons. On Streaming As A Skill I tend to lurk, and occasionally post on, the Twitch subreddit. A common question for awhile was “How do I get a bigger viewership?” or “What are some games I can play that can get …

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Feb 26

I Lied.

Since Awesome Games Done Quick 2012, I’ve taken to streaming stuff on Twitch TV. Yes, I know I previously said that I was done with streaming. The post title says everything. Truthfully, most of Twitch.TV’s issues are still there, particularly the chat not loading at random points. But one of the big things that changed …

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Oct 03

Phantasy Star II Streaming Fun

Over the last few Sundays, I’ve been streaming Phantasy Star II at my UStream channel. It’s been fun replaying it, even if I had kind of forgotten where one of the towns was located (I’m using dungeon maps from an aborted speedrun attempt, which makes it quite a bit easier.). So to up the challenge …

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Sep 12

Gently Streaming

Earlier today I decided to start streaming a casual playthrough of Phantasy Star II. I figure this is something different from what either of the two primary stream fora that I go to. It’s a casual playthrough, so it doesn’t come with endless resetting after five minutes of attempts like a lot of the SDA …

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