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Jul 06

Emptyeye.com Week 37- I Should Really Decide Something

This past week here on the site, not much happened, though if you pay close attention you’ll note I updated the about pages to make them more current (The About the Site page had a reference to the long-gone donation button). And other than that, I’ve really been pretty lazy. Neil Peart once wrote “If …

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Jun 30

Another Grandiose Idea I Will Probably Never Finish

While The Six Day Exile work is stalled–first by my laziness, then by some equipment compatibilities as outlined here–I figured I’d throw this idea out and see what anyone thinks of it. I don’t have a lot for it yet, but what is here is Copyright ©2008 by me, Marc J. “Emptyeye” Dziezynski. Everything is …

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Jun 29

Emptyeye.com Week 36- I Hate My Life

Well, no I don’t. But I’m not particularly happy right now. This week was pretty much an idle one in terms of the site. I do have ideas for writings which I should really get up and running sometime soon, because I certainly haven’t been doing much lately as far as music goes, instead opting …

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Jun 22

Emptyeye.com Week 35- The Apartment is Better

This past week, a lot of the issues I had with the apartment got fixed, specifically the toilet and cable (The latter of which involved a simple reboot of the system on Cox‘s end). As a result, the place actually feels something like a home now, and to celebrate, we had a housewarming (Apartmentwarming, I …

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Jun 01

Emptyeye.com Week 33

This past week, my main activity was signing the lease for my new apartment. Hooray for that. I’m pretty excited about it, and I’m slowly packing up non-essential smaller stuff to move little by little throughout the week since it’s right by my workplace. I have to admit that I’m also nervous about it. Not …

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May 25

Emptyeye.com Week 32- New Technology Coming Soon

This week at emptyeye.com, I put out the original Intro for The Six Day Exile. Beyond that, I’ll admit I haven’t done much to advance the project (Which is why I wanted to constantly work on it–I know myself, and I know that once I stop something, take a break from it, whatever, I don’t …

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May 22

Vegeta, What’s the Lameness Level of this Intro?

In the Intro to The Six Day Exile (Which isn’t dead, really), I discussed the original idea for said intro, which combined early FreeCreditReport.com commercials (Offer applies with enrollment in Triple Advantage) with this scene from Dragon Ball Z. In case you thought I was just playing around in that Intro… I wasn’t. There’s said …

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May 18

Emptyeye.com Week 31- P.S. Eyeytpme Sux

This week here at Emptyeye.com, not a lot of note really happened. I found out that my computer is still acting up, and it’s gotten to the point where it is unfortunately difficult to actually work on the album (Whose page I should really update sometime soon). In reality, though, that’s sort of low on …

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May 17

*Punts Computer*

Yeah. Yesterday I went to do some work on The Six Day Exile. I decided to see what would happen if I put a touch of compression on the vocals to “The Secret“. I got an error saying that the audio was not in the right format. Fair enough. Today is where I took another …

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May 11

Emptyeye.com Week 30- What?! More Front-End Work!?

<Nappa>There’s no way that can be right!</Nappa> Earlier today, I managed to take the “Your comic should be the star of your page” philosophy of good webcomic site design and apply it to my music. To that end, you’ll note the link to the Latest Song as the top “post” currently. As explained here, it’s …

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