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Sep 28

The RPG Lounge- The Bard’s Tale

Welcome back to the RPG Lounge, an occasional retrospective/review series about the RPGs I play through, most of which will be livestreamed. In the 80s, especially in the early part of the decade, there were two computer RPG series vying for supremacy with one another. At first, Sir-Tech’s Wizardry, one of the earliest dungeon-crawlers, was …

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Sep 06

Announcing Some New Old Material

On the TV Tropes Live Bloginations Forum, I detailed my experiences playing through several games, Wizardry I and Dragon Warrior, both on the NES. More accurately, I turned both playthroughs into a sort of fan-fiction (Yes, there are more types besides “Two male characters mercilessly screw one another’s brains out”), creating an actual story and …

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Feb 20

So What Am I Up To?

First of all, yes, I am still alive. My speedrun of Air Fortress is…well, I’m still trying. Thus far, the furthest I’ve made it without Game Overing on a space-shooter segment is level 8 of the First Quest, although I have done all the fortresses themselves clean in one go. Still a ways off from …

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Jun 27

Status Update

Believe it or not, I haven’t totally forgotten about the site. I recently read through Build a Program Now: Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition. In terms of doing what the title advertises, I suppose it’s a success–you do, in fact, build several programs, including a simple web browser, a database-using program, and a Weatherbug-esque …

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Jun 02

Customer Satisfaction is Low Priority

That’s not exactly the point of this post, by which I mean it’s really not the point of the post at all. But anyway, one of my job functions is taking various bank forms and loading them into the program of use at my workplace so that loan officers and such can print them out …

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Jun 01

Emptyeye.com Week 33

This past week, my main activity was signing the lease for my new apartment. Hooray for that. I’m pretty excited about it, and I’m slowly packing up non-essential smaller stuff to move little by little throughout the week since it’s right by my workplace. I have to admit that I’m also nervous about it. Not …

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May 25

Emptyeye.com Week 32- New Technology Coming Soon

This week at emptyeye.com, I put out the original Intro for The Six Day Exile. Beyond that, I’ll admit I haven’t done much to advance the project (Which is why I wanted to constantly work on it–I know myself, and I know that once I stop something, take a break from it, whatever, I don’t …

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May 21

Random Wednesday Thoughts

Because I didn’t do it yesterday. So apparently MySpace has some kind of Karaoke contest going on. I was made aware of this by a Mr. Blade Braxton over at Wrestlecrap, who apparently wishes to rule this whatever-it-is. I looked over the song list, and am greatly disappointed that the solo debut of Rick Astley …

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May 18

Emptyeye.com Week 31- P.S. Eyeytpme Sux

This week here at Emptyeye.com, not a lot of note really happened. I found out that my computer is still acting up, and it’s gotten to the point where it is unfortunately difficult to actually work on the album (Whose page I should really update sometime soon). In reality, though, that’s sort of low on …

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May 17

*Punts Computer*

Yeah. Yesterday I went to do some work on The Six Day Exile. I decided to see what would happen if I put a touch of compression on the vocals to “The Secret“. I got an error saying that the audio was not in the right format. Fair enough. Today is where I took another …

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