The Wall of Honor

This, the Wall of Honor, is a list of those people who have generously donated at least $1 to my stream. Any donation amount of at least $1 will get a person’s name on the Wall (Presuming they want to be listed; being anonymous and/or using a pseudonym is acceptable as well). Check out the bottom of the “Info” section for a complete list of donation incentives.

Non-monetary donations–games, etc–are also gratefully accepted. In that case, you can e-mail me or private message me over with what you intend to donate, and I’ll give you my mailing address. In that case, the donation incentive you receive will be equal to the approximate financial value of the gift.

Note that, because any and all donations are appreciated, the amount a person donated will not be listed. The donations are currently listed in chronological order, newest donations on the bottom.

And now, the names:

  • Eric Kennedy
  • Kyle Davis
  • Tim Kubista
  • Neil Stevens
  • Kyle Halversen
  • Cynthia Dykes
  • Adrian Villavicencio
  • Eric Sutherland
  • Freezard
  • 1 Anonymous Donor