Emptyeye.com- Week 4

Okay, so last week saw the release of the “Slap It Down” mix of “Arrowsmash”. I decided that my free releases are going to be titled “Slap It Down” mixes, in reference to the fact that I’m really just trying to get the idea out there for consumption and feedback. Reaction to the song itself thus far seems to be positive overall, which I’m happy about. The most negative comment was to the effect of “Your screaming is far better than your death metal growling”, which I sort of already knew. If you’ve downloaded the song, feel free to comment somewhere on the site, even if you didn’t necessarily like it! The release of the song also brought a predictable traffic spike, at least short-term. This is a Good Thing, and will continue to be so until my site traffic increases by about ten thousand fold.

This week brought more recording of some instrumental tracks. While I have the house to myself for a bit, I should really be recording more vocals, but instead I’m taking a break from playing StarCraft with some dudes from The Shizz to write this post. My cousin (Whose site you can get to from the sidebar…hint: It’s not The Shizz, the ACS, or SDA) would probably agree that I clearly have my priorities in order. Speaking of StarCraft, in the campaign I managed to get past my Zerg trouble spot, and the next mission was actually not all that difficult either. It’s amazing what havoc two dozen Mutalisks can bring down upon pretty much anything in single-player mode (In multi-player, of course, you won’t have the luxury of sitting back and amassing tons of units, at least not without being constantly attacked yourself).

I also played some Dance Dance Revolution MAX2 for the Playstation 2 earlier today. Prior to today, I had 2 Heavy AAAs (Getting through a song with nothing but Perfect steps, plus hitting all the freezes). I picked up another three in an hour and a half of playing today! They were all pretty easy songs, to say nothing of the timing window of any DDR home version (The short story: Compared to the arcade, the window in which you can step and get a Perfect is about as big as my house), but it was still gratifying.

And that’s about it. Until next week…


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