New Song- “On A Cloudy Monday”

So I recorded another new song, as you can tell by the title of this post. The song is called “On a Cloudy Monday“, and it’s not exactly the happiest thing I ever wrote. Indeed, were I some hoity-toity critic type, I would say something like “In stark contrast to the silliness of my previous effort, ‘Arrowsmash’, ‘On a Cloudy Monday’ is an unrelentingly depressing trip into my thoughts on growing old and what happens as our bodies begin to break down from old age”. But as I’m not a hoity-toity critic type…oh, wait. Darn.

Anyway, you can read about the song here, where there’s also a link to download it. Feel free to leave comments/feedback/what direction you think I should head with the song–it’s not exactly in a final state yet–right here; “Leave Comments” links are at the bottom of each entry, by the way.

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