Emptyeye.com- Week 8

AAA #8- Don’t Stop!

This past week saw…well, not a whole lot happen with the site, really. I did make one update regarding a comic collection I bought, which I enjoyed and recommend. Golden Age Batman is kind of a jerk.

In dance gaming news, I managed to play more home DDR and get another AAA, which you can see by clicking on the picture thumbnail at the top of this post. That song is way too easy to be a 7-footer, but whatever. Tomorrow I may or may not head to the mall to play more arcade DDR Extreme get some Christmas shopping done. I still need to buy stuff for my dad, as well as Jess’s grandmother.

On a non-dance-gaming note, I’m counting down the days until Jess and I go to MAGFest! MAGFest is a video game and music convention that I’ve gone to for the last two years; it’ll be Jess’s first time. This year, one of the groups there is doing something really cool in the form of NES Challenges where you can win some cool gear and even money by completing enough challenges (I actually wrote about this last week, apparently, but not in much detail). I’m definitely going for as many as possible, and I know fellow Shizzie and speedrunner Daniel “Kareshi” Brown–not to be confused with Dan “The Da Vinci Code” Brown; indeed, both are only two of the over 9000 Daniel Browns in the U.S. according to HowManyofMe …compare this to the…zero…Marc Dziezynskis that the site finds in the U.S. (Yes, really. I guess I’m an imaginary entity or something)–plus who knows how many people I don’t know are hard at work at trying their hand at some of these challenges. Although Kareshi and I are both amused at two of the choices on the list, Battletoads and Ghosts N’ Goblins. These are regarded as two of the hardest games on the NES…except that each of us has played one of them so many times we could probably beat them blindfolded (I went over my Battletoads prowess last week; Kareshi has the SDA run for G’N’G. In other words, I think the two games come out to a wash for us, with possibly a slight advantage going to him (I regard G’N’G as the harder game–something he disagrees with–and Battletoads has a not-all-that-difficult-in-my-eyes Hard challenge vs. no Hard challenge at all for G’N’G).

Finally, have a booby prize for reading this far–I threw together a brief, badly played cover of the first Dr. Wily stage from the original Mega Man. I titled it “For Everlasting Peace”, and gave it the album title of “Into the Aether” because, as far as I’m concerned, it’s irreverent enough to basically exist outside my normal catalog (Think of it as the music analog of those “Imaginary Stories” you’d sometimes see in comics in the 1960s); indeed, I don’t think I’m even going to bother putting it up on the music sidebar. You can download it here.

Until next time..


  1. Emptyeye at Magfest is bliss!

    See you there :)

    • James on December 12, 2007 at 10:48 am

    Catching up on my blog reading– I’ll have to listen to your Mega Man song after this. Why is it badly played? Why not play it better? :)

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