O Fortuna Makes Everything Awesome

Just an observation I made awhile back. You probably know “O Fortuna”, you just don’t know it by that title. It’s this piece of music, which is currently being used in several commercials. But seriously, anything set to “O Fortuna” just automatically becomes awesome. Gotta make a copy of something at work? Set it to “O Fortuna” and you’ve just turned an everyday workplace occurence into the most mind-bendingly epic event of the year!

It also occurred to me that, if not for the beginning, “O Fortuna” could serve as the pre-Internet (By about 100 years) prototype for those “Screamer” sites that were big a few years back (You know, “Look at this picture and find what’s wrong with it with your volume all the way up…AAAAAAAAAH!! [With a scary picture flashing for good measure]”). You get the big “O fortuna” beginning, then the whole thing gets really quiet for about a minute and fifteen seconds before….*WHAM!!* everyone jumps up the octave and it gets super loud and epic (It’s generally only this last part that’s used in pop culture, by the way).


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    • Silver on January 24, 2008 at 11:45 am

    That’s too funny. i think that just might work. You wanna work on something like that and get back to us about that?

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