Emptyeye.com Week 15

Most of the interesting stuff in my life this week has been previously covered on the site, so this is really more out of tradition than anything else. Although honestly, the fact that I’m still updating after close to four months is something of a minor miracle in and of itself (Though I really should get on that music thing soon…).

I did start recording a Let’s Play of Ys Book I & II (Not “Y’s Books I & II” as my cousin said…extremely nitpicky, to be sure, but it’s the difference between champ and chump on Final Jeopardy!, so I don’t feel as bad as I perhaps should in correcting it). I’m going to wait until I get a buffer of a few more videos before I start Youtubing them, though, so I can keep a regular update schedule even if I don’t play the game on a given day or five.

Speaking of Jeopardy!, over the past week I’ve been reading the blog of past Jeopardy! über-champ Ken Jennings, and so thought it’d be fun to share what was possibly his greatest answer during his 75-show run. Somewhere on the site, Ken mentions that between the start of the question and the time he gave the answer, his thought process went from “This is totally the right answer!” to “Saying this answer on Jeopardy! is totally worth the $200 I’m about to lose on it!” (Note a. his smile immediately after he gives the answer and before Alex says “No”, and b. he was the only one with positive money at that point anyway, to say nothing of the huge lead he had) Apparently, it was a good thing Ken got to that answer first, as apparently the person who ultimately gave the correct answer was thinking about saying Ken’s answer for giggles as well.

Until next week…



    • Silver on January 27, 2008 at 9:46 pm

    See what you started. Damn Ken Jennings. i thought is damn 15 minutes had expired when that Nancy chick kicked his ass.

    • James on January 28, 2008 at 9:32 am

    Hey, first off give me a break, I work as an editor. It’s not my fault they lost the “s” on “books” in translation!

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