Emptyeye.com Week 19

Dive AAA

This week on Emptyeye.com…again, not much happened.

I did a lot of thinking about the site, and very little actually acting on it, either in recording new music or promotion. One of the things I’m looking at is using Project Wonderful for ads. It’s essentially a never-ending EBay auction for adspace on the participating sites. One of the main men behind the scenes is one Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics fame; as such, most of the clients are other webcomics. And that’s fine, as it would certainly be a different audience for me. You can click on Ryan’s name and scroll down a bit to sort of see it in action. The money is per day, so if, for instance, I wanted a little emptyeye.com button on Qwantz, I’d have to pay $2/day (As of right now; the price can actually fluctuate). There are a lot of sites participating in it, most of them smaller than Dino Comics (Which is big enough that, as I understand it, Ryan actually lives off of the merchandising based around it). There’s a lot of advanced options too, but that’s the gist of it.

I’ve also occasionally mentioned doing commentary for my speedruns, which I honestly think would be the best, quickest way to get people to the site (If not directly to the music section, which is really the ultimate goal)–the audience for speedruns is huge, and a lot of those people seem to appreciate audio commentary for runs (A couple people have actually said they wish that all speedruns would come with audio commentary). So I think either hosting them here or breaking them up into YouTube-friendly chunks with a link to the site in the description section would be a nice idea. Unfortunately, I’ve fallen behind in actually recording music, and this weekend was no different, so that has to come first.

On the DDR front, I managed to get another home version AAA, which you can see by clicking the thumbnail at the top of this entry–it’s a picture of the Dive remix from DDRMAX2 for PS2. Late next month, I’m actually going to try my luck at an arcade tournament some two hours away in Rhode Island. I don’t expect to win–to this day I have no idea how I managed to finish fourth at a tournament in Trumbull (I’m not being modest–no one there could figure out how the people running the tournament were arriving at the results they did. See the second page of posts here for more info)–and honestly, I’ll be happy just to qualify and make the main tournament; any matches I manage to win will be a bonus. There’s actually one coming up a week from yesterday, but I honestly don’t think I’m ready yet–I hope to head down to the Brass Mill Center machine a few more times between now and then to acclimate myself to arcade pads a bit more–my timing on anything 9 or above is just awful, as you can see by looking at my scores on my DDRecall that don’t have locks next to them. I don’t expect to magically become a top-tier player in five weeks, but I want to improve enough to make a respectable showing for myself. I figure if nothing else, I can write a nice report about the whole thing.

Finally, on the non-DDR gaming front, I’m still working my way through Mario Galaxy. I have 52 Stars, I think. I like the game a lot, as I’ve mentioned before.

Until next week…



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    • James on February 25, 2008 at 3:38 pm

    I didn’t realize those Dino Comics were so popular! I see them pop up from time to time on assorted boards, now I know the story. Side note: I’ve always wanted to enjoy VGCats but they always throw in one panel that never makes any sense (even if you get the obscure NES references). Is that just part of their style?

    Anyhow–good luck with the DDR stuff. You should just buy your own arcade machine :) I haven’t had time to check out the new speedruns in a while, but I should. Also, you should do some SEO stuff for yoru game runs and link to as many gaming sites are you can. When I get my web site up (soon!) I’ll add a link.

    Also, speaking of… you probably will have an email about websites soon…

    • emptyeye on February 25, 2008 at 9:20 pm

    Yeah, Dino Comics is an excellent example of one man rising above his limitations to make a living at something he loves. Or at least that’s how the Hollywood version of the Ryan North story would go–I have no idea how good of an artist he actually is. And to be sure, coming up with five years plus worth of material using one template brings its own set of unique challenges.

    As for SEO stuff, I think I have that aspect of it for the site pretty well in hand–there’s a plugin for WordPress where I can easily title all my posts, the site itself, and so on. The site comes up first in a Google search for Emptyeye, though I note the second link is to some dude on Youtube who likes Radiohead (Whom I do not like at all, thanks primarily to Thom “How DARE the audience SMILE during my SAD SONG?!” Yorke), and there’s apparently a musician also going by the name out in California. Guess I’d better hurry up with that whole trademark thing then…I think it was Gene Simmons who said (And I’m paraphrasing here) “If he didn’t trademark it, it’s not his name.” Guess that’s where my tax refund is going…

    By the way, I’m personally not a huge VGCats fan. Some are funny, most are “eh” to me.

    • Silver on February 26, 2008 at 3:25 pm

    I have to say, if Gene Simmons hasn’t already gotten his hands on trademarks for something, it’s probably not worth it. The KISS army can find KISS anything nowadays . . . KISS cologne, KISS guitars, KISS napkins, KISS dolls. . .

    Make like Gene does, and put Emptyeye on EVERYTHING!!!
    Hey, an Emptyeye doll. I’ll buy it. . .

    • emptyeye on February 26, 2008 at 10:56 pm

    It’s my opinion–and I’ve said this elsewhere, maybe even somewhere here–that, regardless of what you think of him and KISS from a strictly musical standpoint–Gene Simmons was 30 or so years ahead of his time when it came to thinking in terms of the music business. Let’s face it, KISS are less a band than a corporation unto themselves–and they’re rolling in money as a result of it. For better or worse, simply being a “musician” is probably not going to be enough to survive–even artists less blatantly in pursuit of cash will tell you that it isn’t their music per se, that pays the bills; it’s the live show, and more specifically, it’s all the merchandise they sell at that live show that generally serves to keep them afloat.

    This isn’t to say, by any means, that I’m going to get surgery on my tongue and start dressing in kabuki-esque makeup, but I like what seems to be Gene’s general philosophy when it comes to music, which boils down to “Why is the pursuit of money in making and marketing music a bad thing?”

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