A Bit on DDR Supernova 2 and Site Traffic

A couple people have found this site through a search approximating “beating Arrabiata in Hyper Master Mode”, I believe because I posted about said song here. For those of you who are looking at that phrase and thinking it may as well be in a foreign language, essentially, what it boils down to is that in DDR Supernova 2 there is a mode called Hyper Master, which is generally the quickest way to unlock material in the game. You play various songs that have various conditions attached to them beyond simply “get to the end of the song”; the specific mission involving the song Arrabiata has you trying to get an A on it on the Standard/Difficult/however you want to refer to The Pink Difficulty steps. How I finally got by this stupid mission was with the help of one of the Custom Modules that added a bunch of Perfects on to your score, boosting my grade up enough to pass it. This unlocked the song, and I played it in Free Mode (Or Game Mode, or whatever it’s actually called).

Imagine my horror when I discovered that the obnoxiously difficult steps in Hyper Master mode were the official pink difficulty steps for the song.

If you’ve never played these steps before, suffice to say that…wow, just awful. And I’m generally pretty lenient when it comes to charts I like and don’t like. But these steps…ugh, awful. But anyway, yeah, for those of you wondering how to beat that song in Hyper Master Mode, the Add Perfects Custom Module, I forget what it’s actually called, is your friend.

In other news, my hypothesis about site traffic and where it can come from seems to be correct, as my Rygar speedrun commentary continues to be one of the more popular files on the site despite my not doing much to promote it after I initially put it out there. A lot of the songs generally get a spike when I first release them, but this may be the first file I’ve seen on the site that has what can be called sustained popularity. And here I thought Rygar was actually a fairly obscure game (Albeit a fun one). Interesting..


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    • James on February 26, 2008 at 9:46 am

    Don’t forget the new Rygar games released on the Xbox and PS consoles– they might be searching for those too :)

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