Huzzah! Sending E-mail Works! And DDR stuff.

Since I’ve owned, I’ve had the e-mail address you can see at the sidebar to your right. I managed to configure it to receive e-mails in Mozilla Thunderbird pretty easily–this, combined with the “e-mail me comments” feature of WordPress, allows me to stay pretty on top of what’s going on with the site–but making it send e-mail was another matter. No one missed anything–my workaround was to hit up the webmail that comes with the account and use that–but it was nonetheless annoying.

It wasn’t until earlier today that I figured out, with some online help, what was actually going on. Apparently my ISP doesn’t like people sending out e-mail over any servers that aren’t their own. The fix was easy enough: Just reconfigure Thunderbird so I’m sending e-mails using my ISP’s server and voila, what I hope will soon be my primary e-mail address is fully up and running smoothly.

I went to play DDR today. My overall experience can be summed up pretty succinctly here. If that looks Greek to you, it boils down to “I got farthest on what should have been the hardest song.” Bizarre. The highlight of the day came when a little kid told me “You must be like the champion!” after I had finished . My score: A wholly unimpressive 96 Greats. Years of playing with a huge timing window on the home versions has left me great at comboing things, and not all that great at actually doing so accurately. Still, the ego boost was nice, and being the one consistently Heavy player in my area helps keep my skill in perspective in the opposite direction–for all I talk about how terrible I am at DDR, the reality is that I’m good enough that a non-player, or even a casual player, would watch me and likely be impressed. Given that I hang out at DDRFreak a lot, where the average skill level is far above mine, I tend to forget this fact at times. It’s good to be reminded occasionally.

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