Emptyeye.com Week 20- Behind-the-Scenes Work Work…

This week here at emptyeye.com, I once again failed utterly to deliver any music. Fortunately, other than an overarching “have rough mixes ready by mid-April” schedule, I’m not really on any sort of deadline to actually produce anything there. Tomorrow, I’ll have some time to myself, and can hopefully throw down some vocals and have a new song up either then or Tuesday.

I did get some behind-the-scenes-stuff done, though of course none of you reading can see that. The first thing was, as I detailed here, getting sending e-mail to work, so I can more easily respond to e-mail that’s sent to me without having to open up my webmail. I also managed to find a plugin for WordPress that will hopefully give me a more accurate picture of site traffic than the server-side stuff LunarPages provides. The Lunarpages tools are nice, but more to compare what’s happening month-to-month than in any absolute sense; from what I can tell, it doesn’t filter stuff (IE my poking around on the administrative side of things/adding content/etc) very well, which can be kind of misleading.

I’ve also done some playing around with the site’s RSS Feed, to make it display the full text of any posts I write. This may or may not be permanent, depending on what, if any, advertising scheme for the site I ultimately decide to go with. I was trying to get the feed to display comment links and the like, without success. I’ll have to look into that some more; I don’t use RSS myself, but apparently it’s the wave of the future. As a guy currently best-known on the Internet for his speedruns of games at least 17 years old, I’m probably not the person to ask about the wave of the future. Anyway, let me know what you think about RSS in general, and the change to full text in the feed in specific; those of you who browse the site the old-fashioned way can leave a comment just by clicking “Leave a Comment” below this entry, while you RSSers out there can get there by clicking the title of this post.

Until next week…


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