Here, Have Yet More Art. Plus Some DDR Pictures!

Happy Wedding AAAEmptyeye Banner-esque thingInside Your Heart AAA

This update is really more to inform you that I finished recording another song that I’ll upload tomorrow. We’re going back to MIDI drums on this one, because I recorded it awhile back, but had to go back and re-do the guitar for reasons I’ll explain when I upload it.

In any event, click the center thumbnail at the top of this post to get an example of what happens when you cram the Emptyeye font into the space of a Project Wonderful banner ad. The whole thing is squashed somewhat, which is rather…eh. I suppose the obvious thing to do would have been to shrink it the same percentage both height and width-wise and somehow fill in the extra space that would result. Oh well. It’s not ready for full-time ad banner status yet; I want to add the little Emptyeye eye (Not the best example, but the best I have readily available) to it, plus something like “Music/Speedrun/Commentary” on it somewhere.

On the other hand, I could just let my friend Elise handle that if I so choose. Per my cousin’s advice, I’m essentially delegating any art tasks to her–I like to think I’m okay at coming up with ideas, but I’m awful at actually getting those ideas onto paper, or screen, or what-have-you. This is obviously things like album art, but less obviously stuff any t-shirt designs I might come up with or…well, ad banners.

Speaking of my cousin, I note that his site, or more specifically, his blog actually refers quite a few people here. I had considered making a button for his “Friends on the Web” section that was a bit more directly related to this site, but I’m wondering if the sheer incongruity of the button (It’s the fourth one down, just above “JamesFAQs”) is what’s pulling people here in the first place. Mountainous Words clickers, have you anything to say on this?

Finally, I got two more DDR home version Heavy AAAs last night, which brings my total up to 16 across all the various games. You can click either thumbnail that “flanks” the Emptyeye banner above to see them. The one on the left, #15, is Happy Wedding, which was one I was close on for awhile (It’s almost a requirement that I have to flag a song at least once before I nail a AAA on it). The one on the right, #16, is Inside Your Heart, which, while an easy song, was a pleasant surprise–I don’t play that particular song very often, and so I got the AAA out of nowhere on it, which was cool.

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    • Silver on March 13, 2008 at 2:09 pm

    k. the banner looks better with your name like that.

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